You’ve got a heart. You know that part. But what is the container like that holds your heart?
When you heart speaks, how do you listen? How do you speak back to it?
When your heart moves, what kind of landscape have you created for it to move in?
We can’t always control what happens to our hearts in this life, but we do have full power over how we hold our own hearts, how we relate to them.
If we don’t treat our own hearts gently, with love, what kind of contentment can we ever feel? How can the world ever be a safe place–if our own bodies aren’t even a safe place for our hearts to be?
More on this, on the outer heart, in my post over at Regina Perata’s blog, Restoring Power. While you are there, read a little of Regina too. Her insights surprised and moved me.
If you hold your heart with love and care and lightness and space today, what’s different?