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Creativity and the Artist in You

stolen time

Two months ago, I read this quote from writer Elizabeth Gilbert: Traditionally, women have always made their art out of stolen materials and stolen time. Those words have made the biggest difference in my life. You see, I thought it was a problem that I was writing in bits of stolen time. I thought that […]

How I Got My Voice Back

There was a moment last Tuesday when I was watching the twitter stream about The Real Life: Poems for Wise Living, and the tears started rolling. I was reading tweets about the poems, and it was clear they were making an impact. Why the tears? Because that was a moment of homecoming, a milestone moment of […]

What Happened?

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Love, Tara I didn’t grow up in a rough environment. I grew up being told, almost every day, that I was special. I grew up with lots of love from my […]

how to be original

Click here to read this post & the comments on the web. *** If you are an artist struggling to uncover your artistic voice, an entrepreneur working to differentiate yourself, a scholar hoping to make a mark on your field, or an employee trying to stand out in your organization – you are probably occupied, […]

if you aren’t doing your thing because you aren’t “expert” enough…

Last week I wrote here about how so many brilliant women are held back by the “but I’m not an expert” thing. That post resonated with so many of you. I loved your impassioned, heartfelt comments. And I told you I’d be writing more about this topic. I have, and I’m excited to share with […]