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But it’s not unique…

There’s something troubling I’ve heard a lot over the past several years, doing this work of helping women share their voices. A woman wants to create something – to write something, or tell her story in some way, or create a new product or service. She feels some sense of calling, of pull, of inspiration. […]


  There’s a book I read to my son almost everyday these days – The Construction Crew. Okay, let me be more honest: most days I read it to him at least five times. If he sees the book lying somewhere in the room, he is excited to read it, right that moment. And then […]

Growing up

These days I’ve been thinking a lot about how different life was for many of my friends and me, say, five years ago. Even if we’d grown up with difficult things, most of us hadn’t yet seen our adult life be rearranged by them. Now, when I look at my circle of women? I see […]

Becoming More Honest

These days I pray a lot for this: to be more honest. At first I was praying for courage, but then I realized I wanted courage in order to more honest; honesty was the heart of the matter. It’s not so much that I’m lying. I’m not. (I don’t think I have ever lied to […]

reading the news

A word about this post. This is a post about how I’ve been reading the news these past few weeks. I wrote it and published it here before I’d read yesterday’s news about the Charleston shooting. It feels important to me to clarify that this essay wasn’t written about the horrific tragedy that took place […]