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really great resources [#1]

I’m launching a book. A book that has my face on the cover. I’m about to enter into a period of speaking a lot, publicly, about my work and my ideas. As in all things, balance is needed. Knowing that time is coming has made me eager to talk about other people and their work […]

join me in the big apple this Fall…

This October, I’m going to be speaking at a very special conference, Emerging Women Live. I was also a speaker at their inaugural event last year so I can tell you with certainty it’s a fabulous, inspiring, thoughtfully-designed event. And…register by July 31, and you’ll receive a copy of my new book, Playing Big, with your registration. […]

I’d love for you to meet…

Today I’m bringing you a chock-full-of-insights Q&A with my friend and colleague Marianne Elliott.  Marianne is a writer, human rights advocate, and yoga teacher. Brené Brown called her “One of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced … a beautiful writer and a courageous truth teller.” Marianne writes and teaches on creating, developing and sustaining real […]

Take the break before you need it

The other day, my husband and I were out walking with the baby. I had been carrying our little guy in the carrier (one of his favorite places on earth) for quite some time. And we live in a very hilly neighborhood. “Do you need a break? I can take him,” my husband said. I […]

a thousand times before

I have always been afraid of giving birth. I was afraid of it before I became pregnant. I was afraid during my pregnancy. And I was very afraid. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was competent in the realms of the mind and the heart but not so competent in the realm of […]