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goop, Senator Booker & Marin book event this Thursday

Loves- Last week was a super fun & energizing one for me – out of town friends in for a visit, a trip to Sunday morning dance jam with a group of my dear ones, and a lovely conversation about Playing Big, hosted by local journalist Lisen Stromberg, that raised funds for the Journalism & […]

Instead of Advice

I hear women say the word “advice” all the time. We want mentors who can give us advice. Advice-gathering is one of the first steps we take when starting a new project. In the women’s online discussion groups I am a part of, in the vast majority of the posts, a woman asks the group […]

A Call with Me: Moving Through Transitions with Grace

I’m learning a lot these days, because I’m in transition. That’s the surprising thing about transition: on the one hand, when we are in the “in between” – of career directions, relationships, life chapters – the action of life slows down. But the learning speeds up. Our inner life intensifies. There’s a kind of emptiness, […]

Wish you felt more confident?

I certainly have, many times. But now, after working with thousands of women to help them have the lives and the careers they desire, I feel very differently about confidence than I used to. And I think there’s an unexpected truth about confidence that is the very opposite of what women are being told about […]

the things that rewrite us

Yesterday, I wrote this on social media: I am being reorganized by motherhood. To call it a “major transition” is to underestimate it, dramatically. I’m being reorganized, rewoven, repatterned. There is a lot to grieve in that, and a lot to celebrate. Can anyone else relate? Those words needed to be said. They needed to […]