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I’d love for you to meet…

Today I’m bringing you a chock-full-of-insights Q&A with my friend and colleague Marianne Elliott.  Marianne is a writer, human rights advocate, and yoga teacher. Brené Brown called her “One of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced … a beautiful writer and a courageous truth teller.” Marianne writes and teaches on creating, developing and sustaining real […]

Take the break before you need it

The other day, my husband and I were out walking with the baby. I had been carrying our little guy in the carrier (one of his favorite places on earth) for quite some time. And we live in a very hilly neighborhood. “Do you need a break? I can take him,” my husband said. I […]

a thousand times before

I have always been afraid of giving birth. I was afraid of it before I became pregnant. I was afraid during my pregnancy. And I was very afraid. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was competent in the realms of the mind and the heart but not so competent in the realm of […]

what’s your threshold?

First things first, I’m excited to tell you: The Playing Big book is written! It’s in to the publisher. Advance copies are making their ways to magazines and media outlets now. Publication date, October 14th, 2014. It’s so damn exciting. I’m proud of it, I love it, and I can’t wait to share it with […]

have you had a day like this?

There are a thousand things I am learning from motherhood, but most of them, I am nowhere close to having words for yet. It’s all too new, and coming at me too fast. But there was a lesson this week I think I may be able to wrap some words around. It was a day […]

see it through

When I showed up at my first workshop to get trained as a coach, I was a dried up soul. Honestly. I had just come out of two years of business school, followed by a few years doing work that wasn’t what I really longed to do. A quiet voice inside had grown less quiet, […]

where are you in this story?

For me yesterday was one of those days when difficult thing piled upon difficult thing. I already felt challenged and then something happened to challenge me more. And then something else happened to challenge me more. Life was not conforming to my desires or expectations. But I had just been reading about the hero’s journey […]

how often do you say this?

Last week a friend of mine gave a major presentation at work—a big deal, once-a-year kind of thing. “I rocked it,” she said to me on the phone the next day. “I really rocked it.” A grin spread on my face. So glad for her. Then I noticed, I felt super happy—like her saying this was […]

the most underestimated power source…

As part of my coaching training, one week I was given some odd homework. All of us students were supposed to spend 15 minutes lying on the floor, looking under our kitchen sinks, getting curious about what was there—and sustaining that curiosity for 15 minutes. The idea was that being a good coach required being […]

follow your…?

Our son is six weeks old now. He studies and studies what is outside his nursery window. He stares intently at the black and white images we’ve printed for him. He watches as if the greatest dance ever is being performed in front of him when I make simple movements with my hands. You can’t watch a little […]