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Good stuff + upcoming SF Bay Area events

Hi all! It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks getting the Playing Big book into the world. I’ll share some reflections on the book tour soon, but for today – some links and some announcements about upcoming events. My recent visit to the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee – video here. An interview […]

I see so many women getting stuck because of this.

I see so many women getting stuck because of this: they are turning to their friends and family for feedback – on their ideas, their projects, their burgeoning dreams. It’s natural. We’re thinking about something – a potential career change, a business idea, something we’d love to create. And next, some little voice in us […]

A Special Gift for Those You Love

One of the things that’s been most sweet for me this week is talking to women about the people they plan to give the Playing Big book to. “I’m giving it to my niece.” “I got one for my daughter-in-law.” “I bought one for each woman on my team at work.” “My dear friend and […]

The book is officially out!

I’m in a gorgeous little hotel in New York City – a sanctuary of beauty and stunning design. There’s a bookstore around the corner, a great bookstore – the kind that makes you grateful bookstores are part of civilization, the kind of bookstore that serves really good soup in its cafe, the kind that makes […]

Last few days…

Good morning! Hubbie, baby, and I got into to New York City at almost midnight last night – our first long flight with the little guy. He was a champ, and – to make life extra-interesting for his parents- – decided to spring his first tooth mid-flight! I love New York City so much – […]