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On Fearlessness

Today I want to talk with you about the idea – the ideal, really – of fearlessness. Is fearlessness possible? And if it’s not possible, should we at least strive to be more fearless in our lives or work? Right now, in my field, lots of people use the term: Fearless Living, Fearless You, Your […]

a question to ask yourself today

Often, when I’m working with women to help them manage their inner critics, they’ll say back to me: “But that mean voice is not my inner critic. That’s just me. That’s just how I sound as I’m thinking thoughts in my head. I’m a very critical, hard-on-myself person. I don’t think I can change that.” […]

Last Day to Register + What You’ll Learn

Good morning! Today is the last day that registration will be open for my Playing Big course. I want to dive in and share in more detail what you’ll learn in the program. Quieting the Inner Critic You’ll understand how the inner critic skillfully functions in your life (whether in the domains of career, body […]

My Playing Big Journey, Part 1

About a decade ago, my career looked very different. I worked at a very large charitable foundation. I’d get up in the morning, put on business suit pants and a tweed blazer, hop on the train, and get to my desk. I’d spend the day reading grant proposals and meeting with committees to make decisions […]

Taking Inventory

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life. It’s a pattern that occurs around the situations that don’t work out so well. The things I commit to that end up being a waste of time. The relationships that are in stilted spots. The times I act in ways I am not proud of. Lately I’ve noticed […]