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My Playing Big Journey, Part 1

About a decade ago, my career looked very different. I worked at a very large charitable foundation. I’d get up in the morning, put on business suit pants and a tweed blazer, hop on the train, and get to my desk. I’d spend the day reading grant proposals and meeting with committees to make decisions […]

Taking Inventory

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life. It’s a pattern that occurs around the situations that don’t work out so well. The things I commit to that end up being a waste of time. The relationships that are in stilted spots. The times I act in ways I am not proud of. Lately I’ve noticed […]

What I’m learning in London…

It’s such a privilege. That’s mostly what I feel, being here in London. I keep thinking about how rare it is to get to travel abroad, as a writer, and talk about one’s work. It takes a lot to get a family with a one-year old to London. Getting everyone free of colds at the […]

goop, Senator Booker & Marin book event this Thursday

Loves- Last week was a super fun & energizing one for me – out of town friends in for a visit, a trip to Sunday morning dance jam with a group of my dear ones, and a lovely conversation about Playing Big, hosted by local journalist Lisen Stromberg, that raised funds for the Journalism & […]

Instead of Advice

I hear women say the word “advice” all the time. We want mentors who can give us advice. Advice-gathering is one of the first steps we take when starting a new project. In the women’s online discussion groups I am a part of, in the vast majority of the posts, a woman asks the group […]