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Are you feeling the call to play bigger?

Over the years, I’ve learned this: there comes a time in our lives when the life we’ve been living doesn’t quite fit anymore. What felt fine before starts to feel constraining, or dull, or gray. We slowly come to realize that one chapter of our lives is ending – or has ended – and it’s […]

The Playing Big Course is Coming!

Good morning, I’m thrilled to share with you that the next session of my Playing Big course is coming up! This is my course for any woman who wants to play bigger in her life and work. It’s for you if you know you have a message you want to share, a creation you want […]

On Political Fear, Part II

What is your preferred mode of responding to what’s happening in the U.S. election? Talking with friends with like-minded views? Turning away from the horrible headlines and focusing on your family? Volunteering or using your network to try to rally votes for your candidate? When humans perceive a threat, we feel fear. Then almost immediately, […]

On Political Fear

Since March, I’ve only slept through the night a few times. The reason I’m up at 2 or 3 am is the election. Which is to say, the reason I’m up is: I’m afraid. I feel sheepish telling you that, like it’s risky. “Aren’t I supposed to be brave and strong?” the thought goes. Or, […]

Beyond Political

I could start this post with, “I don’t usually write about political topics…,” except that the word “political” doesn’t feel quite right to describe what’s unfolding before us now. What is happening in my country has firmly left the realm of politics. We are now in the realm of the civic and the human. We […]