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the 1000 year test + upcoming europe trip

So many of us are faced with this dilemma: on the one hand, there is some project, some new direction, or some new career chapter we feel called toward. To start that school teaching kids music. To make a career shift from financial advisor to therapist. To write the book. And yet on the other […]

“spiritual” in secular settings

I recently received this question from a reader, Gail, who wrote: “My work is informed by an underlying spirituality, but I work in a university environment. I often worry about my spirituality being criticized by others or that I’ll get into trouble if I talk about it. How do I stay true my spiritual callings […]

two kinds of gratitude

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about for Thanksgiving, after my Dad reminded me it would be nice to send out a holiday post. Thanks Dad. Naturally, my thoughts went to gratitude. And I realized that in recent months my gratitude practice had been impoverished, not as rich as it used to […]

Shortcut to Joy

On the book tour, I met a woman named Lisa. After twenty years doing something that she felt was “just a job,” she’d just taken a few months off from working, hoping to find her passion and figure out what kind of work she really wanted to do. At the end of the four months, […]

We’re Hiring!, Upcoming Events, and More

Good morning! Some updates and announcements today: 1. The book! Playing Big is here, and I’m so happy to say, being met with rave reviews. Have you picked up your copy yet? Get it HERE. 2. I am HIRING a new business operations manager – a details-loving, systems-thinking, techie-grooving soul to join our team. Is […]