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It’s time for a new conversation about women’s careers

Leaning in or leaning out. Opting in or opting out. Something has been missing from our collective conversation about women’s careers. It’s the foundational step upon which everything else depends. It’s the step in which a woman courageously sets aside what mom, dad, Aunt Sue, her boss, her thesis advisor, and the lady down the […]

The Book Is Here!

THE BOOK IS HERE! Labor of love, product of lots of courage, trust and hard work — it is here. Over the past six years, I’ve made it my work to help women create the careers and lives they desire, through my coaching practice and the Playing Big course. All of the tools, practices, and […]

NPR Marketplace Interview

Good morning! This weekend, I was on NPR’s Marketplace Weekend. Host Lizzie O’Leary interviewed me about my recent article in Harvard Business Review, which is now the #1 most read piece of the month at HBR. The article is my deeper dive into that statistic we’ve all heard so much about – that men apply […]

a code for living

Last week, I read these words from Marianne Williamson One theory of death is that, upon our passing, we experience our lives again backwards. Whatever I gave or did not give to others, I will experience what they experienced — times ten. That would mean that for every laugh — either a small chuckle or […]

really great resources [#2]

Last week I shared two fabulous reading lists. This week, I’m sharing two other resources I love. One has been a long time favorite – my favorite podcast in fact. And the other, I just discovered. Both are–in my opinion–not well known enough!! 1. You might know Elizabeth Lesser’s work from her books, Broken Open […]