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Voice, Impact & Playing Bigger

giving yourself permission to learn

My son is learning to use his hands. Yesterday, we were sitting on the big green rocker, with Goodnight Gorilla before us, and he was working to get his hands to touch the page. He missed and tried again dozens of times, occasionally plopping his palm clumsily — but intentionally — onto the page. There […]

The Cure for Laziness

I’ve noticed this a lot lately: bright, capable women calling themselves lazy. “I’d love to write that book, but I’m just too lazy.” “I get really into meditating in the mornings for a few weeks, but then the laziness kicks in and I end up sleeping in in the morning instead.” “I should be doing […]

3 communication mistakes with big impact

Maybe you feel like I do: even if you’ve been working through the summer, September energy feels like it’s all about getting back to work and reconnecting with your doer, worker-bee self. In that spirit, today I want to talk about a super easy way you can play bigger this year. Your words, honey. What […]

I’ve got some BIG news

I’ve got some big news to share with you this morning. Earlier this summer, I closed a book deal with Penguin publishers. The book, Playing Big, will be an extension and expansion of my Playing Big leadership program for women – a step by step journey for women who long to play bigger in their […]

How I Got My Voice Back Plus SF Writing Workshops

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Plus, scroll down to find out more about my upcoming writing workshops August 10th & 17th in San Francisco. Love, Tara How I Got My Voice Back There was a moment […]

What Happened?

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Love, Tara I didn’t grow up in a rough environment. I grew up being told, almost every day, that I was special. I grew up with lots of love from my […]

Expect To Be A Revolutionary

If the angels could have sat you down for a chat when you were on the way in to this life (among some other comments about love, fear, and your glory), they might have said this: “Now, my dear, a little context: you are entering into a transitional time. The past: A world led, designed […]

What are you here to teach?

Today I’m delighted to bring you a conversation with my friend and mentor, Jen Louden. Jen’s work has spanned many topics dear to my heart: women and comfort, retreating, creativity and writing. Recently, she’s been turning her attention to teaching – helping women like you and me own what we have to teach and to […]

The Today Show Clip

Last week, I had the pleasure of going on The Today Show. This was my third time as a guest on the show. – hey, I’m almost becoming a regular! Like everything in life, it gets more comfortable the more I do it. Here’s the clip (Note, the video is a little funky. If it’s […]

am i being realistic?

Up until I was about 30, I didn’t know I had “an inner critic.” Yes, I had heard the term here and there. Yes, I was mildly aware that sometimes cruel words about myself chattered away in my head, but that was it. Meanwhile my inner critic was keeping me from writing, from dancing, from […]