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Words for Hard Times

The One Deep Inside Your Chest

Step back and watch your body, being a body. Watch an arm move through space, watch an ankle turn.   Watch your body, as it likes things or doesn’t, as it gets scrapes and bruises as the skin darkens and falls into folds.   Step back to the perimeter of the theater and watch your […]

Belonging Is

I wrote a long post about belonging and loneliness – about our desire to belong and how it shows up in healthy and unhealthy ways.   I like you so, I’m sparing you. The writing went circles. It was stilted, messy, in conflict with itself.   But at the end of my long struggle with […]

My New Favorite Way to Deal With Icky Emotions

I don’t know why the thought occurred to me, but it did. It showed up suddenly, fully formed, like a telegram delivered.   I was sitting in my office at home, feeling disappointed about something that hadn’t worked out the way I’d hoped.   And suddenly popped up the thought: “Instead of thinking about your […]

Even In The Struggle

  Even in the struggle, you are loved. You are being loved not in spite of the hardship, but through it. The thing you see as wrenching, intolerable, life’s attack on you, is an expression of love.   There is the part of us that fears and protects and defends and expects, and has a […]

Just A Feeling: Being With Difficult Emotions

  A remarkable thing happened to me on Friday. One of those graced moments when the light bulb goes on, when the click clicks.   I had a solitary week. I had aimed to clear a lot of time for writing, but I cleared too much.   Around 4pm on Friday, I started to crave […]

The Outer Heart

You’ve got a heart. You know that part. But what is the container like that holds your heart?   When you heart speaks, how do you listen? How do you speak back to it?   When your heart moves, what kind of landscape have you created for it to move in?   We can’t always […]

Grow or Blossom?

Hi there,   I’m so happy to welcome new visitors and readers who read yesterday’s guest post at Kind Over Matter.   I love the spirit, community, and vision of Kind Over Matter. I love the idea that through the work I do I just might be able to support creative young women (which much […]

You-Shaped Hole

I’m writing from a sunny, beautiful, paradise place where I’m so thrilled to be spending a week.   It’s fascinating to me that it actually is easier for me to slow down and be present in this environment. I feel it when I have the impulse to leave myself, or leave the moment, and I […]

True Surrender

True surrender is easily misunderstood as passivity, as doing nothing. It’s actually a change in stance, a change in state of being.   It’s a softening, a coming home to. It’s what we receive when we’ve made peace with life, and become its partner, arm in arm.   Before surrender, we act alone. We act […]

How to Choose the Right Challenges

Good morning.   I’ve had a little bit of a crazy week, with a very intense back and forth trip from San Francisco to Phoenix on Sunday. I haven’t quite recalibrated, caught up on sleep, or found my writing self again.   How are you doing this week? I feel out of touch!   This […]