How did the Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign come to be?

Hi, I’m Tara.

Tara Sophia MohrI believe that a more peaceful, sane, loving world – the kind of world all of us human beings deserve – will be created when women bring their voices and creative gifts fully into the world. My work is helping women play bigger in their lives and careers.

About a year ago, I met documentary photographer Paola Gianturco and learned about her work on Grandmother Power. I learned about a little known but growing phenomenon: activist groups of grandmothers coming together, saying, “This is not the world we want for our grandchildren!” and making positive change.

I wanted more of the world to learn about and be inspired by these grandmothers.

As a younger woman in my thirties, I keenly feel the need for the healing, grounding and inspiring presence of vocal older woman in our public sphere. We need your voices. And we need your visibility. In world when we see so many botoxed, airbrushed, youthful images everywhere we turn, seeing your faces heals us.

With that in mind, I’m hosting this blogging campaign about Grandmother Power, inviting hundreds of bloggers to write about the topic at their blogs. Grandmother Power speaks both to the power of grandmothers and of all women. Whether or not they have children or grandchildren, they are our collective grandmothers.

Hi, I’m Paola.

Paola GianturcoAs a photojournalist who’s documented women’s lives in 55 countries, I hope you are as inspired as I am by the grandmothers who are courageously creating a better future for children.

Grandmothers are not just raising grandchildren, they are collaborating effectively for education, health, the environment, and justice—forming grandmother groups in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. An unheralded international grandmothers’ movement is underway!

Many American grandmothers haven’t yet joined the movement—maybe because they haven’t heard about it, or because nobody has yet invited them. That’s where you come in.

We hope this blogging campaign will inspire grandMothers and grandOthers to use their wisdom, experience, energy and power on behalf of children everywhere, all of whom deserve to live in a better world.

We dream that grandmothers will start–or join–a group. That grandmother groups will network. That grandmother volunteers will find groups to support. That grandmother philanthropists will identify projects to fund. And that grandmothers will help make this world a better place for their grandchildren —and yours—and mine.

We are thrilled that you will write with us!

Want to join the Grandmother Power movement?

If you have a blog, write your post for the campaign – details are here.

Check out the SHOW YOUR POWER guide, which lists 70+ grandmother groups all over the world so people you can, support and network: