Can you feel the one deep inside your chest,
who has existed forever?
Who has made a thousand journeys?
Who feels like a comet in the dark?
The inner filament?

I know, no one ever told you.
I know, it wasn’t the name you learned to write at school,
but that one is you.
That one is the real you.

–(from The Real Life, by Tara)

What if you are not just Susan, or Ali, or Mark? You are the one deep inside your chest, who has existed forever. The one who feels like a comet in the dark.

How does remembering that identity open you, or change the way your challenges feel?

Changing our conception of self dramatically changes our life experience.

This Fall, I’m leading a weekend retreat on this topic.

We’ll explore four alternative ways of seeing ourselves, each based in one of my poems. Each “other name” will bring peace, comfort and greater resourcefulness into your life.

Think beautiful California coast, community, great organic local food, and workshop-style exploration of your four “other names”, along with time for hiking, enjoying, reflecting. We’ll relax, reconnect to ourselves, make new connections with one another, and soak up the huge gifts of retreat time.


The retreat is for you if:

  • You suspect that the kind of changes you want to realize in your life won’t come from more goal-setting or action, but from something…quieter and from the heart. (YOU ARE RIGHT.)
  • You are craving a retreat weekend with kindred spirits in a beautiful, serene setting.
  • My poems have resonated with you – and you want to go deeper with them.


The Details

  • Afternoon of Friday October 21 through Sunday, October 23rd
  • Our amazing location is Green Gulch Farm in Marin, a property of the San Francisco Zen Center 17 miles north of the city
  • Two and a half days of workshop led by Tara Sophia Mohr
  • Intimate size, limited to 28 participants
  • A two-night stay at the Lindisfarne Guest House, constructed in a traditional Japanese style.
  • Delicious, organic, local, vegetarian meals
  • Fifteen minute walk the beach; numerous hiking trails right off the property
  • The option to participate in meditation practice in the zendo during your stay.
  • Downtime for journaling, hiking, the ocean, sitting in the gardens

The cost for the retreat is $1097 for a single room and $695 for a double room (shared with one other participant). That includes two and a half days of workshops, two nights accommodations, and meals throughout the retreat.

We also have a small number of spots for commuters available for $535. If you have a place to stay close to Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin, and are interested in the commuter option, please email to get the details.

SIGN UP! October 14th is the registration deadline!

Double room (a shared room with two double or two twin beds): $695.

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Single room: $1097.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m not sure about the whole “retreat” thing.
I find it fascinating that all spiritual traditions have a role for retreat – for extended periods of time of reflection or spiritual practice. That’s because retreats offer us a unique opportunity to go deeper, to get perspective on the big picture of our lives, to wash off the dust of routine and to let go of the world’s voices so we can hear our own. So, whether it’s this one or another, I hope that you’ll pick some way to retreat in the coming months.

2. I’m not sure if the content is a good fit for where I’m at.
I’d recommend you check out my poetry here. If the poems intrigue you and resonate with you, you’ll love the content of the retreat! (However, keep in mind, you do not need to be a poetry-expert, or a poetry-lover in general to enjoy and get a great deal from the material.) Our focus will be on reconnection to the deepest, most vital parts of ourselves. That’s a recipe for rejuvenation, greater peace, and greater everyday joy.

3. I have some special needs – will I be able to meet them?
Food is vegetarian, organic, and local. There is also a small kitchen in the guest house, and you can bring your own special ingredients and store them there.
Feel free to email me about other special concerns at

4. What’s the transportation situation?
Green Gulch is accessible by car and is approximately a 40 minute drive north of San Francisco. There is also shuttle/buses from the airport. Detailed information on transportation options can be found here. You’ll be able to reach out to other participants about coordination of carpooling. The closest airports to Green Gulch are San Francisco and Oakland.

5. What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel before August 20, you will receive a full refund minus $100.00. If you cancel after August 20 and there is another participant who would like to take your spot, your tuition will be refunded, minus $100.00 . If there is not another participant able to take your spot, refunds are not available, due to the contract with the facility.

6. Tell me more about the location.
This is an amazing place. I went on my first retreat here when I was 14. I adore it so much I chose to bring my friends here for a day of wisdom and retreat before my wedding. Here are a few pictures…

Our location, Green Gulch Farm

The traditional Japanese guest house where we'll be staying...

The guest house, evening

One of the Zen Center's many gardens


7. How does the commuter option work?
If you are a Bay Area resident or plan to stay with a friend, you can commute to the retreat. (We have a handful of commuter spots available) You should plan to be available for retreat programming Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning through evening, and Sunday morning and early afternoon. You’ll want to have a car to get to Green Gulch Farm from wherever you are staying. Meals will be included in your retreat payment. It’s as simple as that!

8. I’m just not sure.
Well, if you were my coaching client I’d ask you to:
–Check in with your body. How does the idea of registering feel in your body – good and exciting? Good but scary/exhilerating? Those are good signs.
–Notice what part of you is hesitant: Your inner wisdom? Listen up. Inner critic? Voice of fear? Voice saying this too indulgent and the selfish-ness police will come to arrest you? Especially question any voices telling you you somehow don’t measure up to being in this group, or won’t be able to “do it right,” or that the time to do this has to be perfect.
–Explore: Is there a particular fear or worry you have? If so, write it down and examine it in the light.
–Ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail at this, and that you’d fit in beautifully with the group – what would you do?
–Reflect: What are your intentions for the 2011 year? For the Fall? Does this feel well aligned, or not?


October 14th is the registration deadline!

Double room (a shared room with two double or two twin beds): $695 regular.

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Single room: $1097.
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About Tara

Writer and teacher Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert in supporting people to create more fulfilling, peaceful, joyful lives.
Tara’s poetry and writing has been featured regularly at The Huffington Post, and has also been published in Forbes, USA Today, More, the International Business Times, Ode Magazine, Soulful Living, Beliefnet, and numerous other publications. She is the co-creator of two anthologies of contemporary women’s spiritual writings, The Women’s Passover Companion and The Women’s Seder Sourcebook published in 2003.
Tara was selected by BBC World Service radio as the United States representative for the program “Born A Girl” chronicling the lives of six young women around the world. Tara received her BA in English Literature, where her studies focused on Shakespeare, and her MBA from Stanford University.