In the work that I do, my goal is never to add new knowledge or new capacities to you. You need nothing new. My goal is just to create spaces – through a piece of writing, through a class, through a retreat – that help you rediscover, reconnect to, remember what is within you.
I believe that when it comes to our inner capacities, none of us needs a thing. Inwardly, we are complete. We have within us all the peace, the wisdom, the love, the courage, the insight that we need. We really do. Why doesn’t it feel that way? Because connection to those qualities has been severed, or weakened from disuse, or is so interrupted by the static of other internal voices (fear, for example) that we can’t access what is there.
That is why my first book is a book of poetry. Because readers like you tell me that the poems reconnect you to the calm, the bliss, the wise knowings inside of you. I think that poems have a unique way of doing this that prose does not. More than I ever want you to change, or improve or fix this or that about your life, I want you to feel your own radiant magnificence, and the poems are a direct bridge to feeling it.
This is a physical, hold-in-your-hands, book of my poems, paired with stunning photographs from three gifted women artists: Tracey Clark, Susannah Conway, and Christa Gallopoulos.
The book is here to take you out of the madness of the daily rush. To give you something centering to read while waiting for carpool, or along with morning tea, or before you fall asleep at night. The book is here to dissolve day to day frustrations and restore gratitude for what is. To help joy bubble up. To restore a sense of the bigger picture, including the picture of who you really are. You can learn more and buy the book HERE.
And two more things: Gifts! Many of you have told me over the past couple years that you want to share my poetry with your friends or family! I made this a beautiful item so that it would also be a special holiday gift. There are discounts available for purchases of five copies or more. More on all that here.
Last, I must say a word on the poetry front. If you love poetry or already enjoy my poetry, you can skip this paragraph. If you have never been much of a poetry person, if you have negative poetry memories from English class, I invite you to give my work a try. I hear again and again from people, “I’ve never liked poetry (or never understood poetry), but yours, Tara, is different.” My poems are not here to impress with fancy language. They are here to support your heart. You can download an excerpt of the book HERE at this page and see – do they speak to you?
You can learn more and buy the book HERE. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and allowing me to be a part of yours. Love to you,