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Words for Hard Times

Why You Should *Not* Argue with Your Inner Critic

As you all know, I do a lot of work helping women quiet that vicious, critical voice we each carry around.   The one that says, “You are going to screw this up.” “If that was a worthy idea, someone would have done it already.” The one that asks that pernicious question, “Who do you […]

You *Don’t* Need More Self-Discipline

In my work with women who want to play bigger in their lives and work, I often hear this: “I want to make x change, (start a business, get in great shape, get my artwork out there in the world) but I have no self-discipline! I start working on it and just don’t stick with […]


You can learn to keep yourself company, but only by keeping yourself company —   Do you ask “how are you?” and listen like a deer deciphering a rustling in the leaves?   Do you say “take a walk with me, and let me show you the woods?”   Do you sing yourself a song? […]

5 Beautiful things

I’m always looking for new ways to wake up to the life in front of me. This week I started playing with the idea of “five beautiful things.” In any moment, particularly if I’m feeling stressed or out of sorts, I look for five beautiful things in my midst. I really look at them. I […]

How I Got My Voice Back

There was a moment last Tuesday when I was watching the twitter stream about The Real Life: Poems for Wise Living, and the tears started rolling.   I was reading tweets about the poems, and it was clear they were making an impact.   Why the tears? Because that was a moment of homecoming, a […]