I dare you to watch this video and not be inspired.

Or this one.

Or this one.

There is something powerful you can do. Join the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign and write about The Girl Effect on October 4th, at your blog.

The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign is not affiliated with any organization – it’s a grassroots effort of individual bloggers.

The Girl Effect is the radical, hopeful idea that the most effective solution to global poverty is investing in the education and safety of girls in the developing world. Why? Because educated girls, research shows, grow up to be women who pull their entire families – and often entire villages – out of poverty.

This is our time – as bloggers – to help spread awareness about this idea.

Want to join this amazing effort and make a difference in spreading awareness about the Girl Effect? It’s a wonderful way to serve an important cause, get to know other wonderful bloggers, and have your blog reach new communities.

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