“The Girl Effect” is a powerful idea: by investing in girls in the developing world, we make an incredibly effective investment in eradicating poverty, creating thriving communities, and slowing the spread of AIDS.
Below you’ll find reflections about The Girl Effect from 130+ remarkable bloggers. Usually, we specialize in writing about subjects ranging from business to creativity, but we all took a day to write about this.
I organized this collaboration after being moved to tears by the Girl Effect message, and seeing an opportunity for myself and other bloggers to use our platforms to spread the message. The Girl Effect campaign is about possibility, justice, and sending love across the world. That’s what my work as a writer and a coach is about too. I’m not associated in any formal way with The Girl Effect organization.
Please write about The Girl Effect at your blog this week, in honor of Universal Children’s Day on November 20. Add your link below. Spread the word by tweeting about this blogging campaign, and use the hashtag #girleffect.
NOTE November 19th Update: Girl Effect blog posts are still pouring in, and the blogging campaign is still spreading, so I’m extending it. Write your post as soon as you can, but we’ll continue to spread campaign past November 20th.

You can learn more about The Girl Effect, here. For details on writing your own post, click here.
Love, Tara