You don’t love your job. You sense it’s not the right place for you.

But the gulf between where you are and work that fuels your passions seems very wide, and the path to get there isn’t clear.

Doing Your Right Work is a process that will help you get there. It will give you the tools to make that big, daunting topic of “what should I do with my life” more manageable. You might even find some joy in the process. Imagine that.

Doing Your Right Work brings fulfilling, meaningful, aligned-with-who-you-are work within reach.

Through this eCourse, you will

  • Clarify: what your unique, right work is–the kind that will bring you fulfillment and joy.
  • Create an inspired and authentic vision for the next chapter of your work-life.
  • Learn how to effectively manage doubts, fears and negative thoughts so that they no longer get in your way.
  • Develop strategies to pursue your career dreams, in light of your financial and family responsibilities, and the reality of our current economy.

Course Material

Lesson 1: Creating Work Aligned with Your Core Values
Lesson 2: Your Strengths & Your Right Work
Lesson 3: Callings: The Big Myths about Callings & How to Recognize Yours
Lesson 4: Lifestyle
Lesson 5: Putting It All Together
Lesson 6: Nurturing Your Vision & Managing Your Inner Critic
Lesson 7: Defining the Relationship Between Your Job & Your Right Work

How It Works

You can access the Doing Your Right Work lessons easily on the web, and you’ll have access to them for the next full year.

They include lessons in several formats: written materials, audio recordings, and worksheets.

You’ll also get specific homework and action assignments that are manageable and ensure you make progress.

The course is designed so that you can do the work anytime that is convenient for you, but also offers a timeline to keep you moving forward.

And, you won’t be doing it alone. I’ll be available to you via email to answer any questions that come up.

Interested in learning more about this course? Please email taramohr (at) taramohr (dot) com for details.