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Calming Down

fed by everything

Dana Moos Photography     The tea that tastes like that and the pause to stare at the leaves and love them as you walk out the door The long evenings of rest and laughter that stretch out time and make a bowl for the stars The celebrations that run overtime past your comfort with […]

making it better

What about when life is really hard? When it feels really rough? Today, I want to share one of the things that helps me. We have lots of choices about how we identify – different ways we can think of ourselves, different concepts we can hold of who and what we actually are. For me, […]

a helpful little question

Good morning! This is a post about a *very* helpful little question. I learned this question a while back. It’s helped me un-suffer (that’s my new word for something that stops our suffering) time and time and time again. The question is:”What are you making this mean?” If that sounds abstract, hang in here with […]

what i’m thinking lately about spiritual life

I’ve learned over the years that when I feel a fluttering of fear when I consider writing about a topic, I should go there. So here I go. I recently asked a bunch of you who subscribe here, “If you and I were meeting for tea, what would you want to talk about?” One of […]

true refuge

    “When our life is falling apart in some way, we want to feel some sense of being held by something larger.  We’re all looking for refuge in some way. Because we have this very primal conditioning to grasp on to things and to push things away, we tend to latch on to what […]