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This is a book that can transform the trajectory of your life.

Tara Brach, PH.D.Author of Radical Acceptance & True Refuge

At last. At last this very important book has been written, encouraging women to take up all the creative space they deserve in the world.

Elizabeth Gilbert Author, Big Magic & Eat Pray Love

Playing Big is for you if...

– You feel a calling or longing to play bigger, but you feel afraid or unsure about the next right steps.

– You want to make a positive difference in the world but feel held back in some way.

– You feel done with striving to play big on the world’s terms – but you do want to play big according to what that truly means to you.

– You wish you struggled less with fear, self-doubt, worries about what others think, or tentativeness around your ideas.

– You suspect it would be a whole lot more fun to play big.

What They’re Saying

Tara and I share the same philosophy: we hope inspirational ideas will ignite you to go out and make an impact in your own life. Whether she’s writing for or urging others to become a change agent through her book, Tara is practicing the Playing Big words she preaches.


At last. At last this very important book has been written, encouraging women to take up all the creative space they deserve in the world. I hope it will empower legions of women to step into their greatness. I couldn’t be happier about this publication.

ELIZABETH GILBERTAuthor of The Signature of All Things and Eat, Pray, Love

With clarity, warmth and deep wisdom, Tara shines a light on our blocks to manifesting our potential, and offers practical, well-honed strategies that move us toward fulfillment. This is a book that can transform the trajectory of your life.

TARA BRACH, PH.D.Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Don’t try to change the world before you read this book! In PLAYING BIG Tara Mohr offers you the keys to unlocking your gifts, your potential and your power to make a difference. I guarantee that you will find yourself and your dreams somewhere in this book and when you do Tara’s deep insights, her practical action steps and her real life stories will set you free.

RACHEL NAOMI REMEN, M.D.Author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings

Luminous, deep, and practical. I’ve asked every woman in my all-woman company to put Playing Big first on their reading list. We want to make a difference in the world, we want to live full-on, and we know that our passion is powerful. We need this! Playing Big is like a torch that shows you where assumptions you’ve been holding could be holding you back — even if you think you’re using your power to the fullest.

DANIELLE LAPORTEAuthor of The Desire Map & The Firestarter Sessions

For anyone who’s afraid they don’t have what it takes to live a bigger life, Playing Big shows you unquestionably do. Mohr’s goal is not about getting the next promotion (although that may come too) but something much more lasting and limitless: true empowerment from the inside, and the capacity to change the world.

PATTY CHANG ANKERAuthor of Some Nerve

Tara Mohr shows us how to replace self-doubt, inadequacy, and worry with confidence, self-worth, and courage. She is a brilliant writer and teacher whose warmth and passion fill these pages. Full of examples and practical tools, this is a gem of a book.

RICK HANSON, PH.D.Author Of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science Of Contentment, Calm, And Confidence

Tara Mohr offers a new model of leadership, one that acknowledges and embraces the complex realities of women’s lives. Playing Big is the perfect catalyst for any woman who wants to go outside her comfort zone, find her voice, and embrace the biggest possibilities of her life.

KELLY MCGONIGAL, PH.D.Author Of The Willpower Instinct

Playing Big is a must-read for any woman who wants to find and use her voice to make her mark in the world.


When I was at a critical career juncture, I took Tara’s online leadership course and it was transformative. After just three sessions, I had decided to quit my current job, start my own consulting practice, and follow my passion around developing leadership for large-scale social impact. While I’d already had some success, Tara’s work was instrumental in helping me find my own inner calling, unhook from other’s expectations, and start playing really big.

HEATHER MCLEOD GRANTCoauthor Of Forces For Good

This is the how-to manual we’ve been waiting for.Tara cuts through our playing small strategies with every brilliant word and liberating idea. This book will be passed from friend to friend, given as a graduation gift, and lauded in women’s lists of ‘books that changed my life.’ May this powerful book help us create a more just and happy world.

JENNIFER LOUDENBest-selling Author Of The Woman’s Comfort Book And The Woman’s Retreat Book

If you’ve ever struggled (as I have!) with feeling like you have so much more to offer the world yet are unsure of the next step, Playing Big will give you the road map. Chapter after chapter I felt Tara was speaking directly to my soul. Tara’s tools will help you excavate your voice, clarify your mission & message, and fuel yourself renewably from the inside out. A must-read for every woman with a dream.

MANISHA THAKORCeo Of Moneyzen Wealth Management And Author Of On My Own Two Feet

I have been searching for a book to recommend that will solve the epidemic in women of thinking they’re not enough. Playing Big is that book. It’s an answered prayer for me and women all over the world. Smart, practical, profound, and heart-centered – Tara Mohr nailed it.

KATE NORTHRUP Author Of Money: A Love Story

I have seen hundreds of women with big dreams get stuck behind wall of fear just as they are about to create something great. Playing Big holds the key to gently and firmly pushing down the wall so that no woman is held from her rightful destiny.

PAMELA SLIMAuthor Of Body Of Work

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A Peek Inside Playing Big

What’s In The Book?

Introduction: My Story

How I got so passionate about brilliant women like you playing bigger. And an introduction to the kind of playing big this book is about – not “big” external markers of success, but playing big with your real dreams for your life and career.

Chapter 1: The Inner Critic

How to recognize your inner critic and practical tools you can use each day to quiet its voice.

Chapter 2: The Inner Mentor

What if you really did have the answers to many of your biggest challenges within yourself? This chapter is about how to access and utilize your unfailing (yep, unfailing) inner wisdom.

Chapter 3: A Very Old New Way of Looking at Fear.

We go back 3000 years to an ancient teaching about the two types of fear because it has such profound relevance for women today. Learn the two types of fear and how to skillfully respond to each.

Chapter 4: Unhooking from Praise and Criticism

How being “hooked” by both positive and negative feedback limits women’s playing big, and the gentle way to get free of that – including a radical way of understanding and utilizing feedback.

Chapter 5: Leaving Good Student Habits Behind

It turns out there’s a lot we learn as girls in school that later gets in the way of our having the careers we desire. Learn the four major behaviors rewarded in school that often get women stuck in their careers.

Chapter 6: Hiding

The clever ways brilliant women come up with to keep playing small – all the while convincing themselves they are doing all they can to play bigger! I loved it when one reader said this chapter was like getting five years worth of therapy in half an hour!

Chapter 7: Leaping

A special, highly specific kind of action that gets us playing bigger right now. You’ll learn the six criteria of a leap and start leaping.

Chapter 8: Communicating with Power

The “little things” we do in our speech and writing that diminish our impact. How to let them go, and what to do instead.

Chapter 9: Callings

How to identify your callings and practical steps to start living yours right away – even if that seems near impossible now.

Chapter 10: Let it Be Easy

I don’t believe we should ever rely on willpower or self-discipline to achieve our goals. They are far too unreliable. This chapter is about how to truly create sustained action.


The big picture. What’s next on the journey. Becoming a change agent.


My new-mama reflections on motherhood and playing big.

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