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Self-Doubt & The Inner Critic

7 Ways to Recognize Your Inner Critic

So, how do you know if it’s your irrational inner critic talking? Or if you are just being realistic? We started a discussion on that topic last week, here.   I’m continuing that conversation with this post.   Here are seven common characteristics of how our inner critics sound. Usually, all of these qualities aren’t […]

You Deserve Better

Are you playing these roles in your life? The editor, censoring what you say and do to fit in The examiner, wondering and seeking to confirm if you are “good enough” The critic, highlighting what you did wrong The judge, declaring a guilty verdict The skeptic, waiting for further evidence before you follow your own […]

Bust Your Inner Critic (3)

The Inner Critic is that not so helpful mental voice that chatters away with lots of unhelpful, often critical nonsense. Buddhists call it the monkey mind. One meditation teacher I like, Sylvia Boorstein, has a great metaphor for it – the popcorn machine. That’s the mind, just popping off random thoughts, ideas, and arguments like […]

Bust Your Inner Critic – 8 Simple Tools

There are several ways to lessen your inner critic’s impact in your life.   If you use these tools, you’ll likely find that your inner critic will not cease to exist (sorry! it’s here to stay!), but it will visit less frequently, speak more quietly and garner less of your attention and mindspace.   1. […]

Bust Your Inner Critic

As you step forward to claim your life, to pursue your most thrilling dreams, to honor the longings of your heart, it is likely that a kind of inner alarm will go off. You may start feeling anxious, scared, or dejected. Your head may be filled with compelling arguments of why your dream can never […]