Securing Employer Sponsorship for Your Professional Development

Many of our participants have had success with their organization sponsoring their participation in Playing Big programs as part of their professional development.

If you think your organization may have funding for this, we encourage you to check it out!

A few tips on requesting sponsorship for your participation:

•  Download our overview of Playing Big courses for professional development and share with your manager so she or he has plenty of background on the Playing Big model and its documented impact.

•  Talk about the benefits of your participation to your employer. What business goals are they trying to achieve right now, and how will your participation improve your ability to help them achieve those goals?

•  If you and your manager have already identified areas for your development (for example, in a recent performance review), explain how this training connects to those areas.

•  Be clear that you will not only use the learning for yourself but will bring it back to your team or larger organization, and be open to brainstorming ways to do that.

•  Make sure you leave enough time for this to be worked into your division or company’s budgetary planning. Feel free to contact us below for upcoming session dates.

If you are interested in talking to someone on our team about bringing our programs to your organization, or if you have questions, please send us an email to playingbig (at) taramohr (dot) com — we are here to help!


Tara & team