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Have you noticed…

that there is a voice inside that keeps convincing you aren’t talented enough, smart enough, thin enough, creative enough, you-fill-in-the-blank enough, to get what you really want?
Do you feel unsure about how to distinguish your irrational inner critic from the voice of realistic thinking?
Do you feel like your inner critic has motivated you to “excellence” over the years…but now you are wondering if there might be another way?
Do you have a intuitive sense that your constant self-doubt is making your days more anxious, more stressful, and less joyful than they could be?
Do you wonder how other people seem to get that bold confidence, and wish you had it too?
The inner critic limits so many brilliant women from going from what they really want and from sharing their gifts with the world. I’m sick of it, and I’m on a mission to teach women the simple, easy tools that have helped me and so many women I’ve worked with to get rid of their inner critics. The world is in too much deep trouble for us to be stuck waiting in the wings because of self doubt.
Doing work to overcome your inner critic isn’t a frivolous gift to yourself.

It’s a powerful investment in your career success and your day to day ease and joy.

And, it’s an investment in bringing more light into the world – your light.

There are simple tools …

There are simple tools that you can use to quiet the inner critic, tools you you can learn in a couple hours and begin implementing in your life right away. Tools that have changed the lives of client after client I’ve worked with. Tools that allowed them share their creative work (get the blog up! send of the book proposal! do the art show! start singing again!), speak their ideas more boldly (pitch the funder! write the business plan! speak up in the meeting!). The tools have helped them play bigger, and live with a greater sense of confidence and ease.

In this mini-course, you’ll learn:

· How to recognize your inner critic and separate it’s voice from your own best thinking.
· What you can do in the important moments to restore your confidence, and act in alignment with your own dreams for your life, rather than out of fear and self-doubt?
· How to experience more freedom, confidence, and self-doubt-free daily joy.

Signing up for the class gives you access to:

· A recording of my 75 minute audio workshop on quieting your inner critic.
· My inner critic reading materials packet
· Inner critic worksheets for working through the tools and exercises to help you identify and quiet your critic.


What would it give you?

What would it give you to do your work and live in your life without so much influence from the voice of self-doubt? What difference would it make in the amount of peace you felt, and fun you had on the average day? How much more would you get done without self-doubt slowing you down? How much more remarkable would you be in your work?
It’s our inner critic narratives, more than anything else, that keep us from living our best lives.