• jillian“This woman’s advice is invaluable”

    Jillian Michaels

  • kathie_lee“You are such a great guest. Please don’t stay away so long next time – come back again soon!”

    Kathie Lee Gifford

  • rick_hanson“I love Tara’s poetry. It’s smooth and weighty, like a sea-polished stone, as well as fresh, penetrating, lyrical, and profound.”

    Rick Hanson

  • jen_louden“Tara’s poetry is magic. Her words will revive your heart when you think it least possible, reminding you that joy, solace, and hope are not empty platitudes but in you, coming alive, even as you read.”

    Jennifer Louden

  • elena_brower“Tara Sophia Mohr’s poetry accomplishes the most important mission of all forms of art: she reminds us that we are all one, and the speaks directly to each heart. Her whispers remind us of our own luminous presence: ‘Don’t forget your true name: …Strong cauldron for the feat of light.’”

    Elena Brower

  • amykesselMy experience of today’s class was deep, connected, supportive, intriguing, challenging. I loved being guided by you, and surrounded by such courageous seekers. Sigh.

    Amy Kessel

  • lccolemanTara Sophia Mohr’s career advice is the equivalent of getting a supportive hug from a mentor. While we love sass and ALL CAPS and cursing as much as the next girl, sometimes soft-spoken, poetry writing, soulfully wise Tara is what we need to soothe those jagged nerves, insecurities, and doubts that come with “playing big” in our lives and careers.

    LC Coleman

  • Margaret-HepworthI’m not sure how you do it. Every time I come to a sticking point I open my email and you are sitting there writing to me about exactly what I am thinking! Amazing! Excellent advice, I thank you.

    Margaret Hepworth

  • June Scudder DonenfeldOut of all of the dozens, hundreds, thousands of blogs out there aimed at helping women do the work they were born to do (and probably a good deal more than that), yours speaks most deeply to me. Thank you for this. As usual, you have an uncanny knack for giving me the right thing at the right time to help me move forward.

    June Scudder Donenfeld

  • TanviGautamTara this is an incredibly useful blog post! People are not able to say half as many useful things in a book as you have shared in this one post. It was like having coffee with you, so just loved your style. Keep writing ’cause we plan to keep reading.

    Tanvi Gautam

  • eline_vanTara’s poems speak the language of the universal heart that is in all people – everywhere. To me, they reflect the experience of what is to be human and to be brave, to allow ourselves to give birth to our talents and to feel our pains and joys. Tara’s poems are encouragement and bliss.

    Eline van Veenendaal

  • suzanna_mathewsI’ve enjoyed reading each of your poems aloud to myself, but this one was particularly inspiring, and I plan to share it with my art group and perhaps even read it at my church! I need poetry like this sometimes to hit the “refresh” button in an otherwise stressful day or week. Thank you, Tara.

    Suzanna Mathews

  • connie_mcleodI’m in the process of growing my life in a new direction. Your words are just what I need, Thanks!

    Connie McLeod

  • headshot3I wanted to share something I wrote about you in my journal when I first discovered your website: “When I saw this website and started reading I let out a big sigh. A sigh of joy and relief that I had found someone who seemed like they would know exactly how I was feeling and someone who could help guide me.” I’m so thrilled that I was right. You’re doing amazing work.

    Jennifer Levin

  • jenniefowlerI wanted to thank you for speaking at the women’s event last Tuesday. I haven’t allowed myself to participate in such an event since way before the birth of my son three years ago. He has a number of health issues and so my energy and focus has been directed there.You radiate such a bright light and energy and I found myself keenly attentive, and my heart open to your words. I left there feeling that my own light had emerged just a bit – enough to start flowing out and broaden, and I’m going to welcome that. That same night I began to write of a memory from childhood that was relevant to my comment and your response on “leaning” into what feels like so many disparate passions. This is allowing me even more clarity on that issue. Thank you for what you do and for providing your gifts, insights and light to all. I’m really looking forward to more from you, and feel a “leap” of my own on the horizon.

    Jennie Fowler

  • BettyHoltheI am indebted to you. Your material seems to arrive just when I need it. You articulate the parts of the journey so well, as if you are walking beside us as a very wise friend and mentor. And the curious coach is always there too. Thank you doesn’t cover my gratitude. You keep me moving forward.

    Betty Holthe

  • johannaverkammanmanasse 2I have already savored and shared your life-embracing words with countless friends. Thank You!! I am grateful you are on the planet.

    Johanna Verkamman Manasse

  • lisajemus 2I found you via The Girl Effect, and I am telling you what they say is true! When the student is ready (although, as like some of the articles you have written, I don’t ever feel totally READY) the teacher appears. I am inhaling everything on your website, and I have never ever been so inspired, and had so many ah HAH moments reading anything. And I have shelves upon shelves of self help inspiring books! Thank you, Tara, for all that you do for women!

    Lisa Jemus

  • brialearI just wanted to thank you for creating these 10 rules. They’ve just popped into my life (through Gala Darling’s latest carousel post of links) and it couldn’t be more appropriate time-wise. Although I’ve heard these things before, the way you wrote them has really struck a chord with me, and most importantly, they’ve resonated enough to make me take action, and take control of my life’s direction. It’s time to let my Brilliant Woman out! So again, thank you!

    Bria Lear

  • DelRae Roth 2There is unique beauty and wise perspective in these poems by Tara Mohr. Each is a compelling jewel and I often begin my day with one of them. That’s why I’m giving this lovely book to many of my friends and family this holiday season.

    DelRae Roth

  • carolynwoldThank you so much! I work in the field of family violence prevention; child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, human trafficking and elder physical and sexual abuse. Your words of inspiration and rules for brilliant women help to center me and provide appropriate tools for me to maintain a healthy “inner self” while dealing with victims of unimaginable pain. Thank you again!

    Carolyn Wold

  • koharjonesI love your e-mails for the ongoing exhortations to all woman to remain true to ourselves and our gifts, and to share those with the world. Thank you for helping women of all walks of life, find our brilliance, our voices, and contribute them to creating a kinder, gentler, more brilliant, healthier, world.

    Kohar Jones

  • Julia FehrenbacherI just received your book of poetry, it sits beside me as I write…it is the sweetest, most soul-stirring kind of gift. It soothes, it heals, it holds, it shines light. I will be sharing your work with many. Thank you for sharing your precious heart…what a difference you make.

    Julia Fehrenbacher

  • MijanouMontealegreThis book is an absolute treasure. A masterpiece. It blows me away ever time I pick it up. I don’t have the words to express the beauty it contains the places it shines a light on and the comfort that it brings. I am so grateful for it. You are AWESOME ❤❤❤

    Mijanou Montealegre

  • triciamartin-owenThank you, thank you, thank you Tara, for what you are putting out into the world. This is HUGE and a beautiful help! I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and emails, and just wanted to extend my gratitude for all your hard work. It’s gorgeous, joyful and uplifting, like you. I’m in deepest gratitude.

    Tricia Martin-Owen

  • cheneaevansI’ve shared this before but I just have to keep sharing it, it’s such an amazing piece of writing. It has totally unburdened my soul, thank you Tara Mohr you’re a life changer.

    Chenea Evans

  • Pamela MaloAs I was getting ready for bed tonight I realized how much of where I am today with my business and within myself is thanks to you and your work. I am not always sure where it is that I am (or where I am going) but I am now accompanied by feelings of peace and presence and pleasure- so very different from a year ago. My experience feels like a warm, smooth stone from a sun-soaked beach that I picked up, and now get to carry in my palm wherever I go.

    Pamelo Malo

  • Sarah DiMuroEvery time I read one of your daily posts I get back on track. You give me hope and energy (and this is even without two cups of dark roast brew!) So thanks. As I sit here from my desk in Toronto, I feel yet again ready to tackle my goals for the day.

    Sarah DiMuro

  • Shannon Rush-CallI want to send you a note of thanks and congratulations. The Universe put you, your thoughts, and the ’10 Rules for Women’ into my life just at the time I was interviewing for a new job and making a potential major change from my old company. It was a change that was years in the making for me, and your work was inspiration of the right kind at exactly the right time. Since then, I’ve been watching your work grow in reach and recognition. It is awesome to see you playing big! Someday I’d like our paths to cross.

    Shannon Rush-Call

  • reneeotmarTara, you are amazing! (But you already knew that, right?) I just loved your generosity and insights with Jillian Michaels (who is similarly awesome). I’m sending the link to all my female friends. Right now!

    Dr. Renée Otmar, Australia

  • TanviGautamTara this is an incredibly useful blog post! People are not able to say half as many useful things in a book as you have shared in this one post. It was like having coffee with you, so just loved your style. Keep writing ’cause we plan to keep reading.

    Tanvi Gautam

  • MaryHaaseThank you, thank you! You are making such a difference in my family in so many ways. Your posts have been tremendously insightful and inspiring and I have passed them along to each of my girls and many in my circles. There is such incredible pressure on young girls today, actually women of all ages, and your voice has been very refreshing to all of us that are thirsty!!! Thanks again for what you are doing!

    Mary Haase

  • June Scudder DonenfeldOut of all of the dozens, hundreds, thousands of blogs out there aimed at helping women do the work they were born to do (and probably a good deal more than that), yours speaks most deeply to me. Thank you for this. As usual, you have an uncanny knack for giving me the right thing at the right time to help me move forward.

    June Scudder Donenfeld

  • kristinnoelleThe way you combine heart and head is a unique and beautiful gift to our world, and all the more so as you help other people do the same!

    Kristin Noelle

  • ColleenlongI love everything I’ve heard and read from you!! At some point, I would love to come to one of your speaking engagements. I’ll follow your web page and hope for a visit to the Tampa Bay area! In the meantime, hurry up and release your book!!! I can’t wait!!! Your work is amazing. You have no idea but your wisdom has helped me take some positive steps forward. I’m a huge fan!! Thanks again!!

    Colleen Long

  • LucieD'AlessandroTara, your poetry is LOVE. Please don’t ever stop writing. Thank you for sharing. Every time I see a poem from you in my inbox, I can’t wait to read it and discover.

    Lucie D’Alessandro

  • christiehalmickI wanted to thank you for the opportunity to volunteer for the Girl Effect campaign. I enjoyed taking action instead of just talking about taking action. There were so many fabulous posts and great discussions and fundraisers to support girls around the world. What I came away with was a sense of how much we can impact the world just by lending our voices.

    Christie Halmick

  • ingamichaelsonI stumbled up on your website a few weeks ago and was quite taking by pretty much everything I looked at. You poems are beautiful and resonate deeply with me. I love your writing style – full of honesty, confidence and passion. Not very many websites attract my attention as much as yours has! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Inga Michaelson

  • donnanolanI wanted you to know that I read your poem Art-Making during an art meditation class this evening. It was delightful to hear people laughing and sighing and also silently enjoying your poem. Several came up after to get more information about you, and I gave them this site, of course. The poem speaks so eloquently to the joys of creating art, and to letting that inner critic so hang. I searched very long and hard to find just the right poem to inspire the women. Yours was perfect. Thank you so much.

    Donna Nolan

  • I just wanted to let you know that after we read your article yesterday, my writing partner and I decided to look at our latest script that had just come back from LA for coverage, with a view to making some real changes.We were so compelled after reading your article in the Huffington Post, that we decided there and then that we want to be part of the solution. As female screenwriters, we know exactly what you are talking about. It’s easy to have our protagonist fall into those stereotypes and patterns when you know it will sell scripts. But the reality is, we are tired of writing woman that way, we don’t want to do it anymore.All writers want to think their words are significant and we just wanted to let you know that they were. They had a huge effect on how we are approaching the rewrites on this newest script. Even with a strong female lead, we’d allowed her to fall into some of those easy to sell patterns.We know we are just a tiny cog in the Hollywood circus but even so, we want to stand up and be counted as people that made that step toward this growing need to reflect woman in a much truer light. Thank you for articulating what we all feel but haven’t been sure how to change. You should know we will try to do our part, one page at a time! Thank you.

    Suzanne Kelman and Rose Woods

  • I just received your e-mail about Gift Goals. This is likely the best e-mail I have ever received. I have tried to set “should-goals, fix-this-about-me-goals and I’ve-got-to-get-it-together-goals”; they have never worked. Now I know why. Thank you!

    Kristina Eden

  • You should know that I got two lines in to the poem and tears started pouring. But the kind of good tears, when you’ve been provoked and hugged at the same time. What a sublime way to call into question all that we over-achievers hold dear…

    Laura Mason

  • Thank you Tara. I have been growing from reading your blog for well over a year now and carry my copy of “Your Other Names” pretty much everywhere I go. Your work is such a blessing.

    Rebecca Buchanan

  • Your poems are beautiful. They make my day smile back at me.

    June Desena

  • Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you–I was on the call on Friday, and I truly appreciate that you offered such a wonderful experience. You are such an inspiring and empowering person, and I admire your work immensely

    Lisa Myers

  • I wanted to share with you how much the people I’m sharing your poetry with are LOVING it! I read “In the End” at the retreat I led last weekend and the women just sat in silence for almost a minute (a few had tears streaming down their face) & then shared how touched they were by it. Then, yesterday at my Enneagram study group, I read the same poem and one of the women is organizing a group order of the books now! Really, truly, beautiful, Tara… I’m so glad you are sharing this gift with the world!

    Mindy Stern Meiering

  • I just wanted to tell you that I love everything you post. You are so good at what you do and while I’m overwhelmed with a zillion things I always read your stuff because it reminds me of what is important. Thank you for the great work that you do.

    Tara Jenkins

  • Thank you for your writing. I adore your voice and find strength and inspiration in it. I am grateful that you have chosen to share it with the world.

    Katey Griffin

  • In my eyes, there isn’t a big enough world stage from which you can shout! You and your course has been a much longed for divine intercession; at once a permission slip, a catalyst, a safety net, a resounding affirmation. It will be one of those moments when looking back and telling my story, I will say ‘THERE. RIGHT THERE. That was where it all began to change.’ Deeply grateful for your courage, wisdom and total badassness. Hugs!

    Vanessa S.

  • Your comments have been spot-on for me, as I begin a new era in my second half of my life… the fulfilling half, as I move from attorney to artist. You may not realize when you give some anecdotes or examples how your words resonate, but they have been excellent, excellent, excellent, and I thank you for them. Thanks for being a facilitator and guide. Continue to teach and guide, and God bless you.

    Yvette, Reader

  • This is probably the single most useful and life-changing piece of information that I’ve heard in 30 years. Thank you for passing it along. I only wish I had understood this years ago but nevermind, that’s in the past. Now I can use it going forward and I can tell you it is already making a difference in my life, both professionally and personally. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    Jeanene, Reader

  • I simply want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work over the last few weeks has been resonating with me at an intensely deep level. I am obscenely grateful to you for helping spur my growth.

    Rebecca, Reader

  • I recently became unemployed, I am a hard working single Mom who works in a profession which I have no heart connection to but do so because it enables me to support and sustain my son and myself. WOW! I just watched 3 minutes watching your “What is my Calling” video and felt as if you crawled into my brain. Fabulous, Excellent, it spoke directly to me. I have been praying to understand what my calling is for several years now. Thank you for this dynamic way of looking at our purpose.


  • When I arrived at Geneva airport today I found out my flight was 5 hours late. Luckily, Geneva airport is generous enough to provide free wireless. After some emailing, fooling around online, and text messaging, I came across a link to the 10 Rules for Brilliant Women on BigThink.com. I spent the next hour reading the articles and poems on your website, and just wanted to let you know that I found your advice to be empowering and practical, poetic and sensible, and most of all very applicable to everything that is going on in my head. Thank you!


  • I saw what you wrote on Kind Over Matter. I am hysterically crying at my desk…. your words…well they felt like they were for me. Wow. Just know that there is someone out there that you helped with YOUR WONDERFUL words. Thank you, Tara, thank you.


  • Love your work! Love your writing, sensitivity, empathy, compassion and insights. I promise you I don’t ‘do’ any workshops outside of education, follow a guru or receive newsletters outside of education – for you I make an exception.


  • Since discovering you on my computer, I have rediscovered me and my inner creativity. My soul has been dry for two years and now, you have helped to nourish it and encourage and teach me how to nourish myself again. Thank you is not enough.


  • First, let me say that your poetry is moving and uplifting. You’re one of the most talented contemporary poets I’ve read in a long time. I know that you’re a businesswoman, writer and life coach, but after a click on your poems, I knew immediately that this is someone to seek counsel from. Perhaps it’s a shared love of words, but I think it has more to do with your ability to interpret many thoughts and emotions I’ve had difficulty with. It’s like hearing a song and you could swear that someone has been reading your journal. So, tell me, Tara? Did you have trouble deciphering my handwriting?


  • My friend Jen sent me “Your other names” as a gift package, after I moved away. I’ve only grazed your magnificent lines but, they deliver grace to my depths. Love your work.


  • I just felt compelled to send you a “thank you” for your beautiful writing, insights, website. . .I keep returning to your site day after day when I feel like i’m in a “stuck” place at work – and I certainly will look forward to hearing more about your next upcoming ‘Playing Big’ session. In the meantime though, just a “thank you” sent out into space. I appreciate your work, and your thoughts, and your encouragement to reach for my own work – even if it is still stuck in my precognitive, predecision, pre-understanding stage – your words are a wonderful touchpoint to keep coming back to.


  • Watching your videos is like talking with a really good friend who happens to be extremely wise. They are so genuine, such a feminine perspective and so missing in our world. Thanks so much for putting together this website and please keep up your good work.


  • Thank You Tara, for all the wisdom you’ve so willingly shared onto this world. Your words have inspired, helped, and moved me.