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Finding the Synergy Between Meaning & Money

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There’s nothing that bothers me more than the idea that you should cast aside your financial concerns in favor of going for your passions. This is often heralded in the personal growth and life-coaching worlds, but it makes no sense. We can’t follow our passions over the long-term if it’s not financially sustainable to do so!

I’ve seen again and again with women entrepreneurs that often the most meaningful work we can do isn’t lucrative, or even breaking even. Sometimes our highest quality work – work that’s really fabulous and serving people – also isn’t lucrative or breaking even. That’s because we haven’t gotten the product, the marketing, or the business model design right.

I dealt with that frustrating reality in the first couple years of my work. I could see my work was high quality, and looking around among my colleagues, I could see it was unique. But it just wasn’t finding traction with an audience.

I had some things to learn about marketing, and technology, and product development to make that happen. So I went out and learned – with Marie Forleo’s B-School being one of the main ways I did so.

You might think my actual MBA degree would have been enough, but that taught me more about how to run a large-scale, established company. For starting up a small business, I needed a different kind of training, the kind that B-School provided.

All this to say, financial concerns and worry on the entrepreneurial path are not signs of weakness or irrational concerns. They are very real, very rational concerns. They simply need to be met with good training.

B-School is great for learning how to find that sweet spot of overlap between money and meaning. The bonus sessions I’m providing will go even further to build on what you learn, to design and execute a profitable business model.

When you enroll in B-School and take the two quick steps below, you’ll receive special resources & training from me to help you build your business.

After B-School finishes, we’ll come together as a smaller community for special webinars and interactive sessions on these topics:


If you are an entrepreneur – or aspiring to be one – I hope you’ll check out B-School. It’s an incredible 8-week training program that will enable your business to thrive. B-School is open for registration, but only for another week, so this is the time to sign up. Learn all about B-School, hear about grads’ experiences, and get your questions answered here.

To join B-School and access your special B-School Bonus Sessions with me:

STEP 1: Enroll in the B-School training through my link here.

STEP 2: Sign up to be a part of the special bonus sessions with me here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our team at playingbig (at) taramohr (dot) com.



Note: I strongly believe in the effectiveness of the B-School program given my personal experience with it and that of many of my colleagues. I’m proud to partner with Marie Forleo this year and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.

A Dispatch from New Motherhood

Dispatch from New Motherhood

Good morning –

And then the day came…when mom could find an hour to sit down at the computer to write!

I’m so happy to share with you that in the very first hour of this year, our daughter came into the world.

She’s amazing. Super snuggly. And radiant.

These have been very sweet weeks of learning about her and of experiencing new motherhood for the second time (it’s so very different, the second time).

I can tell you from the front lines of witnessing an early life: we are absolutely all miracles. Special reminder: you were a baby once, too. You are, therefore, definitely a miracle, too.

Today I want to write to you about something I’ve been thinking of in these weeks of nursing, rocking, walking. It’s a contrast I keep reflecting on as I watch my newborn daughter and my young son.

Being around a baby makes it so damn obvious that every human life is precious. This amazing thing happens – we grow in a womb and come out and keep growing. And we are adorable and gorgeous and have bodies that know just how to grow…

But as a collective, we do not treat each human life as if it is precious. We especially haven’t been treating each other that way lately, in our most public spheres in American life.

And watching my son and daughter, it’s so obvious that we start out utterly innocent, good-hearted – only wanting to connect, to love, to hold and be held, to get our needs met. And yet, right now our public rhetoric seems to have forgotten this basic innocent goodness of human beings and our most core instinct to care for one another.

My son and daughter – and all children – make it clear: We start as love. If we are met with love, we continue to be and give and extend love.

You and I can not know all the pain, the indoctrination, the hurt that happened along the way to harden the hearts of those we now see spreading hate, violence, and fear. But we can be the mothers and grandmothers and warrior guardians of the collective and say, “No. No. Not this. Not here. Not on our watch.”

We can take the simplest and most important stand there is … a stand that manifests in myriad ways across different issues and different moments, from the most personal to the political. The stand that every human being is a child of the divine. The stand that kindness matters. The stand that we must take responsibility for the harm we do to others, and make amends. The stand that we are sisters and brothers with all human beings. Let’s take that stand in every way we can.

With love, from the terrain of new motherhood –


B-School is Open! Plus My Special Bonus …

I’ve got something special to tell you about today … Registration is now open for Marie Forleo’s B-School!

If you’ve been following this month’s series on entrepreneurship, you know I’m a big fan of this program – for its quality and practicality, and because it has helped me so much with my own business (not to mention how it’s helped many of my colleagues and dear friends, too!)

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE coaching women on their businesses. When we get into a conversation about how to design your business, you’ll get a blend of my MBA training, my own lessons learned as an entrepreneur, my coaching toolkit, and my experience working with thousands of women to help them play bigger.

When you enroll in B-School and take the steps below, you’ll receive special resources & training from me to help you build your business. After B-School finishes, we’ll come together in June & July as a smaller community for special webinars and interactive sessions on these topics:


Here are the details:

Bonus Session 1 with Tara Mohr: Share Your Authentic Voice and Do Bolder Work

You’ll learn:
   • How to cut past the fluff and access your distinctive voice
   • How to identify what’s truly unique about what you have to bring to your industry/market
   • How to be more authentic and bold in your work

Bonus Session 2 with Tara Mohr: How to Design a Business that is Sustainable for You Personally and Highly Profitable

You’ll learn:
   • What makes a great business model and how that applies to your business
   • How to prioritize amongst possible business activities and directions
   • What creates abundant profitability in your business

Bonus Session 3 with Tara Mohr: How to Quiet Self-Doubt and Fear

You’ll learn:
   • How to handle self-doubt and comparison to others
   • Tools to use when fear of failure arises – it will!
   • Why trying to become more confident isn’t the answer

Bonus Session 4 with Tara Mohr: Bringing Spirituality, Heart and Intuition into Your Business

You’ll learn:
   • How to quiet the outer noise and tune into your own unique inner wisdom
   • Ways to integrate everyday spirituality and intuition into your business to guide decisions, support your motivation, and make the entrepreneurial path even more fulfilling and joyful

You can attend these bonus sessions live, or listen to a recording at your convenience. Recordings will be provided within 24 hours after each session.

These bonus sessions are included as part of your B-School tuition but only if you sign up through my unique links below.

I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.

To access your B-School Bonus Sessions with me:

STEP 1: Enroll in the B-School training through my link here.

STEP 2: Sign up to be a part of the special bonus sessions with me here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our team at playingbig (at) taramohr (dot) com.



A Different Way of Working

When I think back on these past several years, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to decide how I want our team and business to show up in the world.

Our philanthropy.
Our compensation policies.
Our approach to customer service.

My team and I believe that each is a way to express our values, to remember that what we put out will come back to us, and to pioneer a new, more loving way of doing business.

To give you a little taste of how we roll, here’s what my business manager added to her employment contract:


This text was written by my business manager, drawn from her own sense of the job and of our team. It also came from conversations we’d had in the hiring process, like the one when we talked about my heartfelt request that everyone on the team always tell me if some part of the job is feeling “icky” – draining, aggravating or misaligned to them – so we can make a change.

We are living in a time when we need women’s different ways of working, our different ways of seeing the world, and of relating to one another. To me, this text – both the substance of it and the irreverent act of putting something with this tone into a formal contract – offers one glimpse of what’s possible for a new way of working.

What women are doing in their businesses has a tremendous impact on changing the culture – often by starting at the margins with small businesses or true innovations – and then working their way into the mainstream.

So here’s my question for you today: What would you like to create – not just in terms of “what” your business creates, but the “how” of how you do business? Because on the entrepreneurial path, that’s yours to decide, too.

And a reminder, this month I’m excited to let everyone know about Marie Forleo’s fabulous free video series for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. I’m a graduate of Marie’s B-School program and it really helped me which is why I’m choosing to be an affiliate partner and spreading the word. Check out the video series HERE. You will find actionable steps you can take today that will reap benefits for years to come.


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What I Love Most About Being An Entrepreneur


With our focus on entrepreneurship this month, I’ve been thinking about what I most love about the entrepreneurial path.

Right now, for me there are three things that stand out:

1) Doing Work That’s Meaningful.

I do this work because I believe we need to unleash women’s voices, women’s power, women’s leadership – for the sake and survival of our world. As I speak with women I hear this theme again and again; we want to start our own businesses so we can do work that we believe will make a positive impact and change what must be changed.

2) Creating.

I love making things – whether a new blog post, or a new program, or a new speech. My entrepreneurial path has allowed me to be in my happy-blissed-out-flow place – creating – a lot of the time. This is another big theme for so many of us women: we start businesses because we have a longing to create. Sometimes that longing is accompanied by a very specific vision of what we want to bring into the world – sometimes not – but either way, I want you to know that longing to create is real and valid and important.

3) Fluid Motion.

The third thing I love about the entrepreneurial path is this: I get to keep growing and changing.

The more I get to know life – by tuning into myself, by raising kids, by witnessing how life events unfold – the more I see how living things always change. They evolve. They shift. They grow.

As a self-employed person, I have the opportunity to work in that spirit of fluidity and change. I can start writing about new topics when it feels right. I can quickly create new offerings when I’m struck by inspiration. I can make a change in how I schedule my work week when it’s needed.

In other words, I can be responsive to what’s arising in me at any given time. I get to align with the fluidity and constant change of life, instead of being in a static role, institution or industry that is more like a rock than a flowing river.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, I’d love to hear: what do you love most about this path?

For those of you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, what benefits are you most longing for?

The third video in Marie Forleo’s business series is available today and it is truly inspiring!

You’ll get to hear from other female entrepreneurs about how & why they run their own businesses, and how collectively we’re creating a new way of working. Marie also addresses some of the top concerns that can come up when running your own business, or when you’re considering starting one.

I’m a graduate of Marie’s B-School program and it’s really helped me which is why I’m glad to be an affiliate partner in spreading the word.

Clck HERE to access today’s “No Excuses” video and download your Fun Sheet. (You might want to grab some tissues, too — some of the stories are very moving.)


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