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Dealing with Fear

Some Loving Reminders About Feedback

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Today’s post is about feedback – criticism, praise, feel-good feedback and rough feedback. It’s one of my most commented-on posts ever.   Hope you enjoy these selections from the archives!   Love, Tara    Some […]

true refuge

    “When our life is falling apart in some way, we want to feel some sense of being held by something larger.  We’re all looking for refuge in some way. Because we have this very primal conditioning to grasp on to things and to push things away, we tend to latch on to what […]

Set the question aside, for good.

There is your calling — the work that you feel called to do, the work you think you would really love. And then there is that question that comes up: am I talented enough to do that? Depending on your psyche, this may take the form of Am I hard-working enough? Am I smart enough? […]

Why Your Inner Critic Speaks Up When You Least Expect It

In my work helping women play big, we give some serious attention to the topic of the inner critic. Why? Because I have yet to meet a brilliant women who isn’t underestimating herself because of her inner critic. The inner critic tells us lies we find very believable. One of my big dreams is that […]

My favorite teaching about fear (+NYC)

In this video, I’m sharing my favorite teaching about fear, which comes from the late Rabbi Alan Lew. This simple, little-known idea about fear has been life-changing for me, and for the women and men I work with. (If you are reading this on email, click HERE to watch.) As discussed in the video, Rabbi […]