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A Conversation with Ellen Goodman Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my chat with Pullitzer prize-winning columnist Ellen Goodman. (Read Part 1 here). TARA: Let’s talk more about social change because you’ve both written about it and taken time to study it. I’m curious about what your understanding is of how social change happens and how that is informing how you have […]

A Conversation with Ellen Goodman

Well, she is one of the most widely read US women columnists in the United States. She has the ability to sum up a whole movement, a whole era, or a complex reality with a single, perfect line. Recently I had the honor of sitting down with remarkable woman Ellen Goodman. You can listen to […]

My Sugar Story

I’m a woman who can’t handle sugar. You know how an alcoholic just can’t stop drinking? That’s me with sugar. For me, there has never been chewing one piece of gum. There is only chewing through the whole pack in an afternoon — or an hour. For me, there never has been such a thing […]

The woman who didn’t listen (+ NYC events)

The other day I was standing in the elevator in my building, heading out for the day. In the elevators, the walls are all mirrors. I glanced over and had a negative thought about my body — a reflexive, critical thought I’ve had a thousand times before. I don’t remember if it was a hips […]

Questioning the Call

“Beginning in 2006, players at the US Open were allowed to challenge judges on a limited number of questionable calls, thanks to video replay. When a player challenged a call, the video supported the player’s view 30% of the time. This held true whether player male and female. So, all players had a strong incentive […]

Being Beauty

Note: Today is the very last day to sign up for my hot-off-the-presses new course. The course is about owning and sharing your fabulous, utterly unique brilliance in the world. If you are feeling like you need a recharge or a reset in your relationship with yourself, as you move into the new year, this […]

Body Dissatisfaction

I think it’s fair to say that, collectively, we women are officially in trouble when it comes to our relationship to our bodies: 70% of normal-weight women report wanting to be thinner. A UK study found that 91% of women are dissatisfied with their hips and thighs. And perhaps even more troubling, 54% of girls […]

10 Things I’m Glad I Did For My Body in 2010 (And That You Might Want to Try in 2011)

1. Gave up artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, Sweet & Low, etc.) and switched to Stevia. Now that Stevia is available, I see no reason any of us should be taking risks with the artificial stuff. Put some packets in your purse.   2. Switched to decaf. I still love my coffee ritual, but now I […]

Prana, Location Independence, and Getting High

Today I’m so happy to be blogging in partnership with two fabulous women, Lianne Raymond and Heather Plett. We’re all writing on the theme of “location dependence” and connection to place. Lianne and Heather are both remarkable writers and leaders. Check out their posts here: Feels Like Home to Me and A Declaration of Dependance. […]

A Conversation with Sara Avant Stover

I’m delighted to share with you my first ever audio interview at Wise Living. That’s right, we are going multimedia! I’m so excited.   So you know I’d choose an amazing person as my first guest, right? I’m joined by Sara Avant Stover, who is a true pioneer in the area of women’s wellness. She […]