As a civilization, we are coming out of centuries of harnessing the earth’s resources for greater productivity and material wealth. Well, we did what we set out to do: in many ways, we are much more materially wealthy. Yet, that wealth has been concentrated in the hands of too few. And our way of growing a more materially comfortable existence has turned out to be destructive to our hearts, to our minds, to our actual quality of life.
We need to make a shift. We need to course correct.
We need to put shopping back in its place.
We need to remember that economic prosperity is meant to be in the service of our quality of life — rather than our quality of life being sacrificed to our work.
We need to re-imagine a society that allows us to do that.
We need to rediscover our own power of choice around what we each do with our time and with the resources of our earth.
We need to realize that this earth is a paradise, that every person on it is a divine miracle, and then decide: how do we really take care of that paradise? How do we really give those human miracles a life experience worthy of their divinity?
I want a way that loves people more. That loves the earth more. That nurtures children better. That is less driven by power-seeking and more by peace-building. I want a civilization that acts from wisdom, not from ego, not from fear, not from cynicism.
I believe that change will happen as you start sharing your voice, your vision, your questions, your gifts, more fully. Yes, you. We need your light.