This is a big rite of passage for me. A stepping over the threshold.
It’s here: a book of my poems. A beautiful, hard copy book. Very soon, it will be up on, where you’ll be able to buy it. (I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up.)
The book is a collection of twenty-six poems I’ve written, designed by Adele Miller, and paired with stunning photography from Tracey Clark, Susannah Conway and Christa Gallopoulos. (That arresting cover image is the photograph “Ablaze” by Tracey Clark.)
I wanted to create a hold-in-your-hands collection, because there is still a place in our lives for curling up in the right chair with a book that brings solace and takes us somewhere interesting. There is still a place for the three-dimensional, the sensual, the tactile. And, I wanted to create something that you could give to friends and loved ones as a beautiful and unique holiday gift.
Stepping into the role, “poet” has not been easy for me. The things we love most, the things most essential to our soul’s path, are also, I think, the things we most resist and deny and fight against.
I think of Jacob, wrestling with the angel. Sometimes I see that as a parable about wrestling against our own true natures. What part of your true nature do you wrestle against?
This step of sharing this collection with the world holds a thousand significant steps in it, steps that have to do with who I am choosing to be, and with letting go of who I am not.
You know those vines that grow in amazing ways to reach light? Leaning and twisting and stretching long? There’s something in that image for me that goes with this moment — that I am the vine, and I am stretching out in the direction the poetry wants to take me.
What light is calling you to stretch toward it?
Putting this book out into the world feels more like undoing something than it feels like doing something. It feels like shedding a skin that was never meant to be mine, or taking off an old heavy cloak. It feels like now something is how it was always meant to be.
Being willing to go where this takes me, where writing poetry takes me, and choosing – choosing to take that leap, takes courage and trust, and today, I’m grateful to say, I have it.
Stay tuned. I will let you know when the book is up and available on . In the meantime, please keep it in mind when thinking about your holiday shopping for friends and loved ones. The book will be about ~$15.00 and, for you gift-givers who love to share with your friends the things you love, there will be special discounts for buying 5 and 10 copies.
Last but not least, if you are a blogger who enjoys my poetry and would like to share about the book in some way on your blog, please shoot me an email ( about that, and I’ll send you some more information.