Jen Louden, Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Marianne Elliott and me at Jen’s writing retreat in Taos this summer. Photo by Christa Gallopoulos.
One of my dear friends and mentors is Jen Louden. I started reading her books when I was about 14, and my copy of her best-seller The Women’s Comfort Book is so well-loved that it no longer even has the cover on it. It’s sort of like the dear teddy bear with only one eye still sewed in…
Jen and Michele Lisenbury Christensen recently created a program called Teach Now, that helps teachers – or teachers-to-be – teach more skillfully and step up and start teaching! Now.
I have taken Teach Now twice and feel it’s one of the most transformational educational experiences I had. If you want to teach, or if you want to teach more confidently and effectively, this a fabulous resource.
In this video (below), Jen and I talk about Teach Now and Playing Big. Let me say, this is an *informal video.* Imperfect, informal, and, still worth sharing. Enjoy! (If you are reading in email, click here to view the video)

To check out more about Teach Now, click HERE. Registration ends this Wednesday at midnight!

To check out Playing Big, click HERE. Registration closes early next week. Thinking about Playing Big but want to learn more? Sign up here for a free information and Q&A call about the program – you can attend live or listen to the recording!

Oh, and BAY AREA FOLKS: I’m speaking tonight in San Rafael, along with Dan Millman and Barbara Waxman for a Stanford University / Next Generation Scholars. Great event for a wonderful cause. Come on over!
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