Do you ever wonder if you could make a thriving business out of what you most love to do?
Do you ever wonder if you could candidly tell the important stories of your life – and share them in a published book?
Do you ever wondered how to heal from the most difficult experiences in your life? How to really heal?
That’s the path that Susannah Conway has walked over the past several years. I am so excited that she is visiting here today, on the birthday of her new book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.

I’ve spent many afternoons in the last few weeks curled up with this book, feeling warmed, comforted, and delighted by it.

Below you’ll find a short chat she and I had about hew new book, her journey through grief, and what it means to heal.



Listen to my chat with Susannah (23 min):

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In the interview, we chat about a favorite poet we both love, Sharon Olds. Gorgeous, powerful, move-you-to-tears poetry. You can check out one of my favorite books of hers here. I also mention one of my sheroes, creative Renassiance woman Anna Deavere Smith. Learn more about her here.