Brilliant women often wonder: well, how do I know if I’m hearing my inner critic, or if I’m just being realistic?

Is that my inner critic telling me that I am not ready to start the business – or is that realistic thinking?

Is that my inner critic telling me that I won’t find a commercial market for my art – or is that simply the unfortunate truth?

Is that my inner critic telling me that I shouldn’t apply because I’d never get the job – or is the voice of wise realism?

These are really good questions.

Please know, I’m all for realism. I believe in bringing our practical assessment of reality to bear in every decision. I have an MBA for goodness sake!

The good news is, there is a simple and fast way to tell whether you are hearing from the voice of your inner critic and the voice of realistic thinking. In this video (3 minutes) I share what it is. Click HERE to watch if you are reading this over email.

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