Dear readers, friends, circle around the world –

Thinking of you in this new year with love. May the year ahead be one of peace, healing, and transformation for the good. A new year’s day poem for you below …


New Year’s Poem

New year. It will not be
what you plan or what you chart.

Remember, dear? It never is.

The lines will not run straight
or the surfaces be smooth.

After all, the curriculum
is given, not chosen.

New year. Today, do not resolve
anything for yourself.
Resolve something for all of us.

The very heart of time is begging us
to never wish for I again,
to only ask for us.

And intention? Do not
even intend anything
or try to name the roads
you want on your map.

Instead, look back
and fall to your knees
for every time you have hurt yourself.


Remember how you loved
before you were born.

Grow more like dust on the earth,
for joy crackles between
the powdery grains of self, not in them.

New year.
Another turn.
Another turn of the sphere.
Another turn to be.