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Creativity and the Artist in You

making time for what you love to do

A few weeks ago, I headed into the dance studio for a class for the first time since my daughter was born. It took a lot to get to a class. It took all these months for me to feel up for it. It took being willing to give it a big chunk of time […]

On the Hard Days…

Last week we talked about the power of creativity – and how simple acts of “everyday creativity” leave us feeling more energized, enthusiastic, connected, and purposeful. Today I want to talk about the other direction: does being in a great mood help us be creative? The findings on this are pretty interesting. Some studies show […]

50 Ways to Practice Everyday Creativity

What is “everyday creativity?” It’s something you and I can do in the midst of our busy lives, no matter what kind of work we do. It’s something we can do in the midst of commutes and carpool, pitch decks and client meetings. It’s also something we can do in the midst of grief, chronic […]

stolen time

Two months ago, I read this quote from writer Elizabeth Gilbert: Traditionally, women have always made their art out of stolen materials and stolen time. Those words have made the biggest difference in my life. You see, I thought it was a problem that I was writing in bits of stolen time. I thought that […]

How I Got My Voice Back

There was a moment last Tuesday when I was watching the twitter stream about The Real Life: Poems for Wise Living, and the tears started rolling. I was reading tweets about the poems, and it was clear they were making an impact. Why the tears? Because that was a moment of homecoming, a milestone moment of […]