I always feel so honored when other bloggers host me for interviews at their sites. Their warmth and thoughtful questions always bring out something new in me.
This week, I was privileged to be part of three such conversations.
At Joy Holland’s blog, we talk about “gentle power,” how I created 10 Rules for Brilliant Women, and she asks me a profound question that stops me in my tracks: “What is the source of your power?” Plus, book giveaway at her site!
At Heidi Oran’s blog, I am in very good company as part of her weeklong “Women Who Inspire” series, with Christy Turlington, Tiny Buddha’s Lori Deschene, Spirit Junkie author Gabrielle Bernstein and Goddess Leonie Dawson. We talk about how to re-light the spark of your own authentic self, and what to do if you are feeling stuck about the whole life purpose thing.
At Tanya Geisler’s blog, today I’m her featured guest for her fabulous series, “Thing-Finding Thursday.” We talk about what I think my “thing” is…what helped me start doing it, and my three favorite questions.
And…there is a lovely new free new e-book out today, The Inspired Way. I’m honored to be the closing writer in this collection of 22 creative women writing about what helps them live an inspired life.
I invite you to check out these conversations and the remarkable women who hosted them. They each have tons of goodness to offer at their sites.
Love, hugs and thank you for reading,
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  • Sandra Felt says:

    I’m interested in your playing big program and keep getting notices but can’t find the cost anywhere. What does it cost?

  • Evita says:

    Dear Tara

    It is a pleasure to see you on Joy’s site and learn more about you! Thank you for being the shining inspiration you are!

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