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New Year’s Poem

Dear readers, friends, circle around the world – Thinking of you in this new year with love. May the year ahead be one of peace, healing, and transformation for the good. A new year’s day poem for you below … Love, Tara New Year’s Poem New year. It will not be what you plan or […]

a poem for you

You can listen to this poem in audio, too. Click the player to download an mp3 file.   The Last Day There was the day I realized that I would end wanting more.   That I wouldn’t lie in a hospital bed or some other deathbed saying: I completed it.   I would lie panting […]

The Mother’s Day Collection

A few weeks ago, a “creative-idea-birdie” landed on my shoulder – one of those ideas that seemed to arrive out of the blue, suddenly but definitively – saying, “Tara, do this.” The idea that came to perch was to create a collection of writings for Mother’s Day, something that would take us beyond brunches and […]


While I’m caring for my new baby, I’m sharing some favorite posts from the past few years. This is one of them – enjoy!   ~ Tara *** Reinvention There is always the possibility of reinvention sometimes born of longing sometimes offered faintly, like birdsong in your ear sometimes— born of pain. Life is long […]

The Quiet Power

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Love, Tara The Quiet Power I walked backwards, against time and that’s where I caught the moon, singing at me. I steeped downwards, into my seat and that’s where I caught […]