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Weekly Practice

a simple way to feel better

In Naomi Levy’s beautiful new book, Einstein and the Rabbi, she shares the Hasidic teaching, “There are ten levels of prayer, and above them is Song.” This past weekend, I spent a lot of time singing. I went to a couple of religious worship services and sang and sang… and then sang some more. Now […]

What’s Next with Weekly Practice

In April, I began our weekly practice series on the blog, each Monday sharing a simple practice that we can use to bring more peace, alignment, joy – you know, all the good stuff – into our lives. I’ve loved doing this series because one of my most foundational convictions is that we can change […]

a poem for you

You can listen to this poem in audio, too. Click the player to download an mp3 file.   The Last Day There was the day I realized that I would end wanting more.   That I wouldn’t lie in a hospital bed or some other deathbed saying: I completed it.   I would lie panting […]

Chrysalis Time

What should we do in the in-between time, when one chapter of our lives or work has ended and the next one hasn’t come into being yet? This is chrysalis time. Perhaps you’ve heard the metaphor before: in between being a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly, there is the chrysalis. This is the stage of […]

Confidence of the Ego, Steadiness of the Soul

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how we often confuse confidence of the ego with steadiness of the soul. Here’s how I experience the difference between these two: Confidence of the Ego Confidence of the ego is boosted only by things that come from outside of me, like how I’m seen by […]