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By August 7, 2017 One Comment

In April, I began our weekly practice series on the blog, each Monday sharing a simple practice that we can use to bring more peace, alignment, joy – you know, all the good stuff – into our lives.

I’ve loved doing this series because one of my most foundational convictions is that we can change our lives from the inside out. And, I’ve learned, we can often do that through small shifts that only take a few moments. But that does require awareness and intention. That’s what the Weekly Practice series has been all about.

And you all jumped in with me with enthusiasm from the very first week – reading and listening to the posts, writing us with your insights and responses, and sharing in our Weekly Practice Facebook group. Thank you for teaching and inspiring me and my team!

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be taking a pause from writing new Weekly Practice posts so that I can focus on some other writing projects. (But you’ll still hear from me on other topics!)

I’ll also periodically send a check-in email with reminders of some of our past Weekly Practices because they are always good to revisit – and in our busy lives, we no doubt need to be reminded to use the practices again.

For this week, I invite you to go back to one of the practices that was particularly meaningful to you. You can review past Weekly Practice posts HERE, or in our Facebook group HERE. Pick up a favorite and use it again this week, deepening your relationship to it.

Sending love,


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