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Words for Hard Times

Collective Courage

“If one woman told the truth about her life, the world would split open.” – Muriel Rukeyser Today’s TIME cover is about that truth-telling. It is also about the shift away from the individual, toward the collective. When I saw the cover, it reminded me of a conversation I was a part of a few […]

Five Beautiful Things

This summer as I’m taking some downtime, I’m sharing some of my favorite and your favorite posts from the archives. Hope you enjoy these selections! Love, Tara Five Beautiful Things I’m always looking for new ways to wake up to the life in front of me. This week I started playing with the idea of “five […]

A Conversation with Ellen Goodman Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my chat with Pullitzer prize-winning columnist Ellen Goodman. (Read Part 1 here). TARA: Let’s talk more about social change because you’ve both written about it and taken time to study it. I’m curious about what your understanding is of how social change happens and how that is informing how you have […]

i find hope here

*** Whatever it is Whatever it is it can change Whatever has gotten buried so deep in you it’s become your blood the only way you have ever known the only way you have ever been it can change. Whatever turns in your chest like a heavy stone whatever keeps you clutching your heart to […]

A Cozy Chat with Susannah Conway

Do you ever wonder if you could make a thriving business out of what you most love to do?   Do you ever wonder if you could candidly tell the important stories of your life – and share them in a published book?   Do you ever wondered how to heal from the most difficult […]