In 12 Step recovery programs, the first step is “admitting you have a problem.” I want to change their language a bit. I want to ask you to have the courage to admit something in your life that isn’t working. To admit an area of your life where you aren’t satisfied, where your life is out of alignment with your soul, where you are faking it, or where the thing you are mentally committed to is causing you suffering and pain.
And rather than accompany this thought about what’s not working with blame, pointing to other people or external circumstances that you feel caused this problem, instead, stay with yourself. Recognize that, no matter what the external circumstances around you, the truth is you have been unable to create satisfaction or peace around this area of your life. You have tried, maybe even in lots of different ways, but so far, you have not been able to.
This moment of admission is one of the most beautiful and spiritually potent passages of the human soul. When we say with true humility and surrender, “I tried and I missed the mark. I don’t know how. I give up my way,” we activate all the magic of the universe, the magic of truth telling and right-sizing ourselves. A door inside of us opens to let the light in, to let another way come to us. Change begins with surrender.
So take time to be with yourself and hold the space for this sacred moment. Simply say words like these: “These areas in my life aren’t working, these areas I have not found a way to create for myself what I want. The old way I’ve been doing it isn’t working, and I am open to something new. I want to get there somehow. Help. ” By saying this, you set in motion the full energies of the universe, you step off one energetic path and onto another.
The universe is infinitely creative, rebirthing everything at every moment. We harness the full power of new beginnings when we declare that the old way isn’t working. I know your mind doesn’t believe it, but sometimes, we don’t have to do more than that.

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