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A Gift for You

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share again our Mother’s Day collection of art and writing. This holiday brings up such a range of feelings for all of us. This collection speaks to that range — stories of growth, acceptance, loss, and joy. It is not just a collection for mothers but […]

The Mother’s Day Collection

A few weeks ago, a “creative-idea-birdie” landed on my shoulder – one of those ideas that seemed to arrive out of the blue, suddenly but definitively – saying, “Tara, do this.” The idea that came to perch was to create a collection of writings for Mother’s Day, something that would take us beyond brunches and […]

Your Baby Body

  I am lying in bed with my baby. She’s just woken up and finished eating. This is the time of day when she is most bright-eyed – everything about her is awake, clear, ready to play. I coo, she coos. I say “aaaaaah” and she says it back. I smile and she smiles. I […]

when you feel jealous…

One of my favorite places to guest write is the Biz Ladies section over at Design Sponge. This week, I’m writing there about what to do when you feel jealous of other women. I feel so sad when I see women beating themselves up about feeling jealous, or acting out their jealousy in harmful ways […]

4 tips for mentoring with excellence

There’s so much conversation about the importance of mentoring, but have you noticed? There’s not a lot of guidance on how to mentor well. Here are four simple practices for mentoring with excellence, four small shifts you can make in any conversation to ensure you are truly supporting, empowering, and developing the person sitting across […]