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Why Happy Couples Should Be Apart

By April 3, 2010 No Comments

Hi there! The adrenalin is flowing through my veins this morning, because I’m so excited to have a guest post, Why Happy Couples Should Be Apart, at one of my favorite favorite favorite blogs, World’s Strongest Librarian.
Josh Hanagarne, the blogger behind the magic of World’s Strongest Librarian, describes himself as “an aspiring strongman, bookish nerd, twitchy guy with Tourette’s Syndrome, devoted family man, tearer of phonebooks, and humble librarian. A tall, thin paradox wrapped in thick glasses.” Need I saw more?
In addition to all that, he’s (in my opinion) one of the most original writing voices on the web.
About the post: A few weeks ago, when my husband was coming home from a long trip for work, I wrote about why I felt time apart had actually been very good for our relationship and for me personally.
Something in me said, “send this one to Josh.” So I did. This morning it’s up at his site.
Please visit and join the conversation about couples and time apart.
Love, Tara

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