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Finding Inner Wisdom

80th Birthday Party

I had the best time walking with my friend M yesterday, and I’m still on a high from it. So much laughter and humility and sharing the truth. There’s nothing like being in the presence of someone who lifts up your energy from blah to yay, that you feel kindred spirit-ness with, and that you […]

Braking Without Breaking (Or, Why It’s Hard to Slow Down)

It’s not just you. Slowing down and emptying out is hard.   There’s a lot of talk in the personal growth world about slowing down, simplifying, decluttering. I write a lot about this topic, about the importance of white space- the empty, open space and time in our lives.   But there’s one thing I […]

Seeing Over the Edge

Today I went to a workshop on meditation and the self at Spirit Rock Center.     It was taught by Rick Mendius, a neurologist, and Rick Hanson, a psychologist and meditation teacher. The workshop explored how the latest findings of brain research relate to Buddhist ideas about meditation, mind and the self. You can […]