Today I’m thrilled to share with you a passage from White Hot Truth, the new book by Danielle LaPorte.

From Danielle:

“For the longest time, I thought that joy was, ultimately, our true nature, the centre of our centre. That assumption felt close, but not quite there. After much more making, meditating, struggling, succeeding, raging, chanting, sweetening, risking, respecting, humbling, healing, and inquiring, I believe this:


Joy is what happens when you
make contact with your Soul.


When I meet my Soul–in a moment of reflection that brings a revelation, in the ecstatic passion of merging, in the simplest of intimacies with moonlight or strangers at the corner store–then I experience joy.

When I am being as me as I can possibly be, well, that’s euphoria, no matter what my expression results in. When I see how the Cosmic Genius animates every single detail of my life to make up the Grand Scheme of it, I feel incredible joy–so much that it fills me up and I rationalize that I must be made of the stuff.

Your joy is where you locate your white hot truth–your pure-burning is-ness, from where you have the creative power to turn thought into matter. You want to know who you are? Follow the joy, it’s your Soul’s reflection.”

What if we take Danielle’s words to heart: “You want to know who you are? Follow the joy, it’s your Soul’s reflection.”

What brings you joy? What does that tell you about who you really are, and what you really want?

For more of Danielle’s stirring wisdom, get the book here.



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