How Thrilling is Your Life?
Last night I heard Elizabeth Lesser (author of Broken Open, and co-founder of the Omega Institute) in a television interview. She said at least a hundred beautiful things, but what stays with me most this morning is this: Being our true selves is the greatest adventure there is in life. It’s the most thrilling, heart-racing, always-fascinating thing we can experience. Its all the adventure we need.
This is the big secret. The potential for a totally exciting moment-to-moment experience is resting within you. It takes courage and facing the truth to access it.
Elizabeth Lesser answered a question from a young man who had a bad habit of getting himself into debt and neglecting his payments — even when he could afford them. He felt addicted to this pattern. He also mentioned that he had a rough childhood, growing up in the rural south a family and culture in which he had to hide his homosexuality and authentic self. As an adult, he was stuck in the habit of hiding who he was.
Lesser argued that when we are not living the thrilling ride of authenticity, we begin to look for thrills in other places — maybe gambling, jumping out of planes in the sky, stealing, substance abuse. On a more mundane level, I think, we are a nation of individuals seeking the thrill of the next new item, food, experience, video clip, etc. There is nothing wrong with sensory experiences when they take their proper place as minor events of life that come and go. But often we are compelled to seek them in an attempt to replace the fulfillment that comes from living our personal truth and staying connected to our true nature: love.
So, a question for you: is living your life a thrilling adventure? It doesn’t have to look like a big adventure to anyone else –and if you are living authentically, it probably won’t. There won’t be fireworks or roller-coasters or drama visible from the outside. What matters is that day to day feels like a thrilling, joyous, complete adventure to you.
If not, don’t panic. Above all don’t judge yourself. Just take in this information as an indication that there is a more authentic life of yours to be lived. Start listening to your heart, doing the things you are passionate about, and exploring your dreams.