There have been so many remarkable moments in this week’s Girl Effect Blogging Campaign.

A sampling of twelve of them:

1. Could Have Been Me

I think the thing that really gets to me the most with this is the fact that the twelve year-old girl in the video could have been me… I, as an American girl, as a student, as blogger, as a girl who is living a productive and healthy life, and as a girl with so many resources, need to make a difference.

2. Someting Rustling in the Wind from Long Ago

Get to the young woman, give her an education, a sense of self worth, the opportunity to make choices about childbearing and partnering, a chance to give back to her community, and you see a ripple of change take hold in her family tree…I am proud to support The Girl Effect. Ridiculous to think it could be this easy, and yet, the message resonates so deeply in my bones as a known truth, it feels like something rustling in the wind from long ago.
Kristen Corning

3. The Most Effective Thing We Can Do?

Helping 12-year-old girls is one of those disproportionate acts. It doesn’t just improve her life. It improves the lives of everyone around her, and for generations to come. This is called the Girl Effect. If you ask me, “What’s the most effective thing we can do to make poverty history?” I’ll say, emphatically: “Help 12-year-old girls thrive.”
Sarah R. Lewis

4. By Feeding It with Compassion and Insight

We all know the power of listening while someone speaks, or of being listened to. We’re granting power to the possibility of change when we watch videos like these…I love how women so often come together around an issue that starts off thorny and challenging, and by feeding it with compassion and insight are able to find ways forward.
Amy Kessel

5. If We All Lit a Candle

I know the problems of the world seem overwhelming, and I struggle with hopelessness, too. But then I remember a quote I heard a long time ago (so long ago I don’t know who to attribute it to) “If we all lit a candle, there would be a tremendous light.”
Stacey Curnow

6. What About Their Light?

I don’t have to witness my daughter suffering [child marriage and abuse] but a hundred million+ mothers do. They watch their girls’ lights, their brilliance, be snuffed out. Their girls never get a chance to be their stunning and complete selves. In the personal development world we talk so much about letting our light shine, about expressing our gifts, our brilliance.
How about these girls? What about their light?
Jennifer Louden

7. The $5 a Week I Blew on Coffee

In an effort to show you that it doesn’t take much, I have decided that I no longer need my weekly treat: a Dunkin Donuts coffee or a Starbucks latte. Typically, I spend at least $5 a week on my caffeine fix. I definitely can make my coffee at home and save the money for something that brings me more meaning. So, for the rest of 2011, I am going to be donating the $5 a week I blew on coffee to The Girl Effect.
Kimberly Riggins

8. Only If Girls Lead the Way

We are failing our girls, but girls can change this with our help. I know that the Girl Effect Campaign will only be successful if we let Girls lead the way. Girls as leaders. Girls as owners. Girls as contributors. Girls in charge. They have the answers and our role is to be their champions and help tell THEIR stories.
Desiree Adaway

9. Destroying Divine Creation

I believe violence in any shape or form is Never and I do mean Never justified. Quite recently an army man asked me, “Then what on earth are we doing? We are war veterans and lead countries into war.” I quite simply replied, “destroying Divine creation.”
Zeenat Merchant Syal

10. Yes, Please

Girls are either being their amazing, creative, smart, nurturing, and world-changing selves… or they’re not being given the chance. Which would you prefer?
Lots of smart, contributing, responsible women leading the world into a more balanced healthy way of life. Yes, please.
-Nathalie Lussier

11. 5% of My Profits Will Be Donated

Being a part of The Girl Effect Blogger Campaign has not only reminded me that I’m already part of the solution (and most likely you are too), its also lit a fire under my ass to be a bigger part of the solution. As of today, 5% or more of all profits in my business will be donated to causes that support the world valuing women and girls, such as The Girl Effect. This is about valuing women and girls.
Kate Moller

12. How Could I Not?

I ask myself this, and I invite you to do the same: If I could be a voice for her who has none — better yet, if I could build a platform from which she can discover and use her own voice — how could I not?
Melissa Sharman

Join In!

Bloggers: you still have time to join the campaign. Just write and publish your post by next Tuesday October 11th. Details here!

Plus, in other news:

Retreat registration closes on next Friday. Two spots left! Info here.
Set your DVR! I’m super excited to share I’ll be appearing on the Today Show on October 13th, talking about 10 Rules for Brilliant women.