In my work helping women play big, we give some serious attention to the topic of the inner critic.


Because I have yet to meet a brilliant women who isn’t underestimating herself because of her inner critic.

The inner critic tells us lies we find very believable.

One of my big dreams is that one day — SOON — all women and girls will get basic inner critic training: what it is, how to recognize your own, and what to do so it doesn’t hold you back.

Knowing those basics was suddenly and hugely transformational in my own life. I’ve seen this information change the lives and careers of the women in my programs as well.

I share those Inner Critic 101’s as much as I can. I’ve made a few videos on the topic and I’ll be sharing them in the coming weeks. This first one is about what the inner critic really is and the surprising reasons why your inner critic speaks up when you least expect it.

WATCH the 3 minute video below.