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Community & Relationship

Collective Courage

“If one woman told the truth about her life, the world would split open.” – Muriel Rukeyser Today’s TIME cover is about that truth-telling. It is also about the shift away from the individual, toward the collective. When I saw the cover, it reminded me of a conversation I was a part of a few […]

there are no enemies

I have been writing online enough to know this opinion is an unpopular one, but I will go down saying it. I don’t believe in enemies or villains. I know hurt people hurt people. In our wisest selves, our grandmother selves, we take destructive behavior damn seriously. We work to root it out, but we […]

the instruction we got…

You can listen to this post in audio, too. Click the player to download an mp3 file.   the instruction we got … The instruction we got was crystal clear. The instruction was to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is our primary human task. I fail at doing it fully, you fail at doing […]

A Gift for You

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share again our Mother’s Day collection of art and writing. This holiday brings up such a range of feelings for all of us. This collection speaks to that range — stories of growth, acceptance, loss, and joy. It is not just a collection for mothers but […]

The Mother’s Day Collection

A few weeks ago, a “creative-idea-birdie” landed on my shoulder – one of those ideas that seemed to arrive out of the blue, suddenly but definitively – saying, “Tara, do this.” The idea that came to perch was to create a collection of writings for Mother’s Day, something that would take us beyond brunches and […]