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Uncovering Your Soul’s Dream

By May 26, 2009 One Comment

Your soul has a dream for the future.
Your soul’s dream is not arbitrary or a flight of fancy. It is you. It is the path your soul longs to walk, and that is important.Whatever your soul dreams, you have the power to create.
The soul’s dream is one of the most intimate parts of the soul. It is not a static photographic, an un-changing vision that lasts a lifetime. It’s more like a film, evolving as we grow and the world changes, always responsive to the present moment.
The visioning exercise below is intended to help you begin to understand your soul’s dream. Take it slow. Find a quiet place and a time when you will not be interrupted by distractions. Each one takes ten to fifteen minutes, including time for writing down what you learn.

  1. The Perfect Day:

Close your eyes. Begin to take deep, slow breaths. Move your attention to your feet and become aware of sensations in them. Notice any tension and release it. Slowly continue moving your attention through your body, noticing any sensations in each place, and letting go of any tension you may find. Move through your legs, your hips, your stomach and your chest. Move through your hands, your arms and your shoulders. Move your awareness across your neck, jaw, and brow — releasing any tension you find.
Now imagine that you are living a life that gives you vitality, joy, peace and a deep sense of personal expression. You feel actualized, fulfilled, living at your peak. Your dearest values are honored and expressed through this life. You are having lots of fun. In this exercise, you are unconstrained by any practical factors or current constraints in your life — so if you hear them popping up, just set those aside for now. Spend several minutes with your eyes closed, walking around this life.
What does a day in this life look like? Where are you? What is your environment like? What places and activities are part of your day? Who is around you? Who are the important people in this picture? How do you spend your time? What do you look like? How do you act in this environment? Notice everything you can about this picture.
When you are ready, slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment and open your eyes. Journal about what you learned. You may wish to also capture this perfect day through a collage, a drawing or painting, or other creative format.
Some of the images and ideas that arose through the meditation may have been tangible, clear and actionable. Others may have been partial, vague on confusing. Both are wonderful. If you are unsure what the images and ideas you received in these visions meant, most likely your soul is guiding you towards new directions and ideas that aren’t quite recognizable to you yet, or your soul is speaking to you in the language of symbol or metaphor, as it would in a dream.
In either case, this is something to be welcomed. Keep the images and fragments and ideas that came up with you in your consciousness. Hold them with love, respect and trust. Look for how they might relate to what’s coming up in your life. More will be revealed. The process of clarification and illumination of these messages has its own timetable, and that timetable is perfect.
Finally, you may have gotten very little information from the meditation. That’s also fine. You can come back to it at another time or follow your own intuition about other ways you can access your soul’s dream.

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  • Joy says:

    I have been having this feeling inside that I should not be in the state of struggle and lack. My perfect day is living in a beautiful loft overlooking the city of Atlanta. Being an Academic Dean or Administrator at a prestigous school and having friends and family visiting and traveling around the world to the Greek Isle, Italy, France, Rome, Africa and sharing those experiences with my students and loved ones. How do I get to live my dream? I don’t know how to start. I’m in school working on my PhD., working part time, living in a place I don’t want to be only because my daughters live here and I feel like I’m struggling to break free! What to do????

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