You know by now: I am on a mission to help women play big.

Why? Because I know how much you have inside of you that you want to bring forth. Your ideas. Your lessons learned. Your teachings. The unique way you serve and heal and care for others.

I know the longing you feel to do work that is meaningful to you. I know you have a desire to see all that gold inside find its right home in the world – where it is recognized, needed, and where it can support you financially too.

For the past few years, I’ve have loved supporting women in their journeys to playing bigger. Today, I have a very exciting announcement to share with you – the next step in this work.

Playing Big University

Playing Big University will offer a series of programs that help visionary, change-agent women share their gifts and their voices fully in the world.

I’m identifying world-class practitioners with diverse expertise and working with them to develop courses that meet the particular needs of women who want to play bigger – for the sake of their own fulfillment, and in order to serve the world.

Through Playing Big University, you can participate in a variety of offerings on many different aspects of playing bigger: Growing a thriving business. Ending your terror/avoidance of negotiation and learning to love it and be good at it. Changing the way you think – so that self-doubt is replaced with being own best ally in your pursuit of your dreams.

In Your Element: A Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The first opportunity for you to participate in Playing Big University is launching this week.

This program is specifically for women entrepreneurs, but don’t worry, if that’s not you, many other Playing Big U programs will be just for you!

In Your Element is a three month, group coaching program guides women entrepreneurs to running a thriving business that is an authentic expression of you, and that supports you financially.

This is a small group program – limited to 20 women entrepeneurs.

This program is created and led by Jac McNeil, a coach who helps passion-driven women create businesses that radiantly succeed.

I must tell you, Jac is one of our tribe! Her work is of incredible quality, her vibe is delicious to be around, and her integrity is through the roof.

In Jac’s words:

I’ve learned that solopreneurship is an amazing platform for self-actualization.

When it comes to building a successful one-woman business, I don’t believe in 
blue prints, formulas, or gurus.

But I do believe in sharing philosophies, frameworks, structures, and business processes when they’re layered with inner wisdom and intuition — yours and mine.



Join Jac and I on the Party Line This Thursday!

Registration for the In Your Element program will open this Wednesday! Look out for more details in Wednesday’s post. However, if you are interested in learning more about the program, sign up here now. You’ll get access to an audio conversation where Jac and I will talk about the common pitfalls so many passion-driven women entrepreneurs fall into, and how you can do it differently. You’ll also receive all the program details and updates when registration opens.

You can join us live for our audio conversation Thursday at 10am PST, or listen to the recording at your convenience at any time. Click HERE to sign up!

There’s a movement happening — a movement of women turning inward to discover what they most want to share, and then bringing that into the world through their work. We do this through our writing, our art, small business, large business, coaching, counseling, teaching, activism, and work in the social and public sectors.

I want to help this movement reach it’s fully potential, because — I’ll say it again, I believe that visionary, conscious women (that means YOU) playing big is a big part of what is going to heal our world.



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