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By September 4, 2012 2 Comments

A story.

Pan the camera back to oh, say, 2008. I was coaching brilliant women – the kind of woman you are.

Yes, you.

Passionate, good-hearted, talented women, each with a unique message to share.

I would sit across from these women in my office, and I’d see in them all the things you see in the women colleagues and friends you admire. How smart they are. How trustworthy, kind and collaborative. How insightful their ideas. How capable they are – or could be – as leaders.

I wanted these women to be running their organizations, their industries, the world. I believed in them.

And here’s the thing I kept seeing: We brilliant women were playing small. We were getting stopped by self-doubt. We were feeling overwhelmed about how to get where we really wanted to go.

This is nothing to feel bad about. I’ve learned, from my own journey and from my work with other women, that many brilliant women don’t play big naturally. We need specific tools, practices and types of support to start Playing Big.

So I created a leadership program for women. It came out of my desire to live in a world where bright, caring women are taking center stage, and it came out of my in-the-trenches knowledge of what actually catalyzes women to play big.

When I sat down to create the Playing Big program, the curriculum outline easily flowed out because I already knew, from coaching women and from my own journey, which tools made a major difference for women – and did so quickly, efficiently.

Here are a few truths that can help you start Playing Bigger right away:

1. Learn to question that voice in your head that says, “I’m not ready yet.”

2. Realize you’ve got an inner critic, and start to separate it’s voice from your own best thinking.

3. Get a thick skin. Be less dependent on praise and less avoidant of criticism.

4. Play Big on your own terms. Define playing big for yourself – don’t use the world’s definition.

We cover these concepts, and others, in depth in the course. The next session of Playing Big begins in a few weeks. If you feel a longing to play bigger, come learn more over here, and sign up for the advance notice list.

When you get on the list, you’ll get access to a sneak peak into the concepts you’ll learn in the program. You’ll also receive program details and access to a special discount on the program tuition.

Come on over HERE to jump on the list.

Here’s to your playing bigger. With love & gratitude,


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