I want to say this, again:
I’ve often been struck by the idea that all the suffering in the world, all the world’s problems and deficits and cruelties are exactly equal in might and force to the love, the gifts, the talents, latent in all the world’s inhabitants.


In this way, the world is perfectly balanced: The sum of global pain is equal to our collective capacity for love. The deficit of goodness in the external world is equal to the power we hold within to create good.

Every need can be met. Every wound can be healed. Every pain can be soothed, but only if each of us uses our capacity for good fully.

Yes, the world is full of suffering. Full of it. And we are full of the medicine that heals it.

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  • Megz says:

    Dear Tara,

    Your words resonate deeply with me.. even I think there is goodness deep inside.. but a lot of us are unaware of the powers within us or are fearful of using them for the collective good.. we all just need to do our best and the world will be a markedly better place to live in.


  • Gwyn Michael says:

    Amen Tara,

    I believe this, but it is easy to lose track at times of how much power we have.

    Thanks for sharing your medicine!

  • anna romano says:

    hi tara … megz mentioned you on shaktipat- i appreciate your soulful and heartfelt expression- oneness comes out in your work clearly- i really like your post “medicine” – there is no separation between what we call good and what we call bad-the problem is our judgments and the way we see things – i wish you all the best –
    love and gratitude, anna

  • Marianne says:

    Yes. Yes. And Yes.

    I love the power of your writing right now, Tara!

    Last year I wrote about my own realisation that I have my very own medicine to share, and that it doesn’t have to be right for everyone – it’ll be right for the people who need it: http://marianne-elliott.com/2010/06/dose-of-my-own-medicine/

  • Karin says:

    Beautiful. And so true.

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