This was one of the things Jadah Sellner and I talked about in our recent conversation for her podcast, Lead with Love.

I’ve come to believe that straying from our soul’s path is simply a part of the human experience. I have never met a person who did not fail in their allegiance to their truth, who did not veer away from what gave them joy.

There is something very core to the learning we are supposed to gain here that has to do with getting lost and then finding our way, veering off our paths and then turning back.

Through that contrast we can see who we are, and what we truly want to claim. We are meant to be lost and found. We are meant to take detours but then return to our road.

So today, recognize the value of the detours you’ve taken or the one you are in right now.

And if you don’t know Jadah yet, or you’d like to hear our conversation, check out her work and our episode here.




photo credit: Mike Enerio

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