I write in the mornings, and most days when I wake up there is a vague direction for the morning’s writing sitting in my chest. I follow it and see what happens.
Today I woke up with such love for you in my heart, and a very simple message: I want you to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve. I want you to walk with yourself in love.
The spirit of renewal, hope, and healing is moving through our country like a great field of energy. This same energy—that can bring love into being on the collective level—is available to harness for internal transformation.
I suppose this makes sense: at both civic and personal levels, our task is to let go of the past, be willing to begin again, and to turn to love as our guide. And we can be more powerful contributors to our country’s transformation if we are aligned with it: if we have put down old burdens to free up energy for the work, healed our own wounds so we can give to others, and re-payed the debts we owe ourselves, so we can show up healthy, sustained, and whole.
I would like to focus on that piece today: repaying the debts we owe ourselves.
You, like all other gorgeous beings on this planet, deserve unconditional love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, delight and pleasure, emotional safety, and respect for and the opportunity to pursue to your dreams. Are thoughts of all the folks that didn’t give you these things falling into your mind? Put them aside; I’m not talking about that. I’m standing for the fact that you deserve each of those things from yourself. Have you given them to yourself?
By being you, a gorgeous, divine, innocent, well-intentioned human being, here is what you have been earning through your work:

  • A daily gift of forgiveness for your mistakes
  • A song of self acceptance, playing in the background at all moments
  • A minimum of three utter delights or delicious pleasures each day
  • An abiding, soft care for your emotions and your heart
  • A deep and serious respect for own your dreams
  • A significant investment in following your dreams

Have you been paying yourself what you have earned, or are you in debt to yourself? If you are in debt, what kind? How much? What does it look like?
If you are in huge debt, don’t get overwhelmed or dejected. I have just the thing for you. This is a time of new beginnings, so I want to offer you a special debt-relief offer.
For this time only, when you have the power of a global evolutionary leap at your back, here’s what the universe is offering:
A full forgiveness of your debts to yourself, if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Awareness: you reflect on and identify the debts you owe yourself
  2. Apology: you offer yourself a deep, heartfelt apology and mourn the loss of what you rightfully earned. Go to the core of the pain of that loss and experience it fully. (If you go with full courage and openness, this will be intense, but it will pass very quickly)
  3. Action: you commit to begin again, paying yourself the love, acceptance, support, pleasure, and respect you deserve. Define three practical things you can do each day in support of each of these, and 1 major milestone for the month in paying yourself what you earn by being you.

Let’s make this the end of your withholding love from yourself. Watch how this transforms you and multiplies what you can give to others. The gifts of love you deserve are tremendous, beyond your imagination. Start offering tender hearted love to yourself and let me know what occurs.

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