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Things We Don’t Know Yet

By August 21, 2012 13 Comments

Here are some things we don’t know yet:
How to create a childhood worthy of the sacredness of the child
How to forgive ourselves, entirely
How to love without projection or dependence
How to honor the strength of love alongside the strength of might
How much we are held, blessed
What we would create, if we believed we could.
We’re still young, still in an early era.
The status quo is just a middle chapter.
So have compassion for this fools’ world of ours
and don’t be afraid
to be the one
to help us turn the page.

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  • Hazel says:

    Ohhhhh! This is lovely, Tara. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lindsey says:

    This takes my breath away. I wonder if we’ll ever know any of these things. For me at least, I sort of doubt it. Lovely, lovely. Thank you. xox

  • I was going to say this is just lovely, but Hazel above beat me to it … so I’ll say it anyway, lovely lovely. I especially like this line:

    “What we would create, if we believed we could.” Funny how often we are stopped in our tracks because we just don’t believe we can do it …

  • Robin Van Tassell says:

    This truly moved me and resonated deep within. What amazing words to contemplate. Perhaps bringing us to a truer sense of knowing ourselves.

    Thank you so very much for sharing something so precious with us.

  • Catherine says:

    Beautiful. thank you for this!

  • Donna Davis says:

    Hello Tara:

    One of your most inspired posts. Beautiful.
    I agree with Nancy’s deep appreciation of the creativity statement, it resonates most with me at this moment, but also to trust that we are held and blessed is so profoundly essential
    Thank you, Tara, for this blessing
    (Hope you make it one day to Montreal)

  • A says:

    It is beautiful, and I agree. Thank you for putting it into words for me. x

  • Diana says:

    I am willing to sit with these 7 things –
    to inhabit and be with them as best I can. Somehow, that seems grand enough. It feels sweet, too. Savoring….

  • How to create a childhood worthy of the sacredness of the child

    How to forgive ourselves, entirely

    These are two that just hit me square in the face. Now, I wish to let them sink into me…

  • Blog Love #5 says:

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  • I love you, Tara.

  • Gabriela Bout says:

    So beautiful and great reminder…

  • Marcia says:

    I could feel the energy through these words. You are a beautiful person to inspire others to not fear criticism or the unknown and to take action. Thank you.

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