A few weeks ago, a “creative-idea-birdie” landed on my shoulder – one of those ideas that seemed to arrive out of the blue, suddenly but definitively – saying, “Tara, do this.”

The idea that came to perch was to create a collection of writings for Mother’s Day, something that would take us beyond brunches and tulip bouquets, to the richness and complexity and fierceness that the topic of mothering deserves.

What happened from there has been remarkable.

The collection of writings and art I am going to share with you today is stunning. I have never read or seen anything like it.

Each of the contributors – authors, spiritual teachers, artists, business leaders and more – brought heart, honesty, and vulnerability to what they wrote.

Some of them you may know from their widely recognized work, but most are incredible voices that you will likely discover here for the first time.

This is not just a collection for mothers. It is a collection written by sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. It is for anyone who wants to peer more deeply into this fundamental aspect of our humanity – our relationship to “mother.” Because we all came from one. Because our relationship to mother, whatever form it did or didn’t take – has shaped our lives. Because our spiritual life and relationship to the earth is also bound up with Mother, our collective one.

I’ll say it again, I have been so enriched by these writings. They have made me think in new ways about being a mother and about being a daughter. I hope you will take the time to read them.

Download your copy HERE or by clicking on the image below – drink it up, and share it with the mothers and daughters and fathers and sons you love this Mother’s Day.


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  • Shawndell Marks says:

    Absolutely gorgeous book! Is there a hard copy available to purchase?

  • This is amazing. Thank you so very much. I will share with all the mamas I know. May I post on Facebook? Thanks again. I’m especially glad you included writing from an adoptive mom (as I am) because I feel sometimes our experience is left out of the how-to-be-a-mom equation.

  • Brenda Zook Friesen says:

    Lauran – We’re so glad you found this meaningful. And yes, please feel free to share! ~ Brenda, Playing Big Team

  • Brenda Zook Friesen says:

    Shawndell – So glad you like it! This is currently only available in the free electronic version but I agree it would make a gorgeous hardcover book. We’ll keep you posted! 🙂 ~ Brenda, Playing Big Team

  • ilana says:

    Thank you Tara!

  • Marjie Brown says:

    THANK YOU! This has inspired me to write my own short piece about my mom and my experience with motherhood.

  • Terri Scoville says:

    I am SO touched by this beautiful collection of creativity for mothers and mothering. My own mother passed away a few months ago, so this Mother’s Day is my first without her. I remember after the birth of my first child saying to my mother with tears streaming down my face, “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU LOVED ME THIS MUCH”. Additionally, this ebook has inspired me to take my passion, which is creating beauty, to a new level. THANK YOU ALL!

  • Laura says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely collection of pieces, I really enjoyed it and it has helped me think about my own role as a mother as well as my mother and my relationship with her. It is also beautiful to look at!

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